Spituk Monastery, Ladakh

Spituk Monastery is located in Ladakh. It is also known as Spituk Gompa. This monastery is located 8 kilometers from Leh. This monastery was built by Od D in the 11th century. Tourists visiting here will never forget this magnificent monastery due to its beauty. Tourists will get much such information by coming here, which will allow them to become more familiar with Buddhism. Spituk monastery is quite a famous monastery. People come from far and wide to glare the magnificence of this monastery. 


Known as Pethup Gompa among the local people, the amazing Spituk Monastery was established by Od-de, the senior sibling of Lha Lama Changchub Od when he came to Maryul in the eleventh century. The site was honored by the Arhat Nyimagung. When Lotsewa Rinchen Zangpo (Translator) went to that place he said that a praiseworthy strict network would emerge there thus the cloister was called Spituk. 

Spituk Monastery, with its ordering perspective on the Indus Valley and the encompassing magnificence, is frequently visited by sightseers from all over the globe, who come here to see the various icons of Buddha, alongside the 5 mind-blowing Thangka artistic creations.


The Spituk Monastery is a Buddhist monastery located in the Leh area, having a charming perspective on the Indus Valley beneath. Spituk is one of the most amazing monasteries in Northern India. The monastery at present houses 100 monks and a huge statue of Kali, which is one of the significant features of this transfixing structure. Spituk Monastery is viewed as an absolute must-visit spot for the devotees of Buddhism and the history buffs.

Overlooking the immensely beautiful and pristine Indus, in the early face, the gompa used to run on the principals of the Kadampa School (Red Hat faction) yet it later came into the overlay of Gelugpa request (Yellow Hat organization). An unmissable piece of the monastery is the assortment of antiquated covers, old fashioned arms, and fine thangkas. The cloister is very old however it was as of late reestablished with a progression of levels, patios, and steps. The upper area of the monastery is Mahakal Temple, containing the statue of Vajrabhairava, which more often than not stays secured and is divulged uniquely during the celebration.

The two-day Spituk Güster event at Leh's famous Spituk monastery begins on January 3. Thousands of people attend this event every year. Thousands of people visit the Spituk monastery on the last day of the festival.

How to reach?

The nearest airport from the monastery is the Leh Airport which is located at around 3.4 km from the village. From there take a taxi and head towards the Hall of fame/ war memorial on NH1D and about 2.8 km ahead is the Spituk Monastery.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Spituk Monastery is between July and September. You can also visit the monastery during the festival of Gustor which is also known as the Spituk festival where you can witness the different cultures. And the huge statue of the Kali is also unveiled during this time.

Spituk monastery Timings: 7:00 A.M. to 6:30 P.M.

Spituk monastery Entry Fees: INR 20 per person

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