Lamayuru Monastery, Ladakh

Lamayuru Monastery, Ladakh

You will find countless monasteries in the beautiful region of ​​Ladakh as most people here follow Buddhism. These monasteries attract tourists not only because of their religious and cultural importance, but their magnificent architecture also lures tourists. Old artifacts, graffiti and other things related to history, unintentionally attract the attention of tourists. The serene surroundings of this gompa (monastery built in Tibetan style) will rejuvenate you. If you are thinking that only seeing a monastery will do the job because all the monasteries are the same, then your thinking is wrong because each monastery has something different. Here we are telling you which of the many monasteries in Ladakh which you must visit. One such monastery is the Lamayuru Monastery.


If you are going to Ladakh from Srinagar-Leh highway then you must stop here. Lamayuru Monastery is associated with the Darikung Kagyu School of Buddhism, one of the oldest and largest monasteries in Ladakh. The history of this monastery dates back to the 11th century when the Buddhist monk Arhat Madhyanatika laid the foundation of the monastery at Lamayuru, which is said to have had a lake earlier. After this, Mahid Naropa from a nearby cave came here to do sadhana and the lake dried up, followed by the establishment of Lamayuru Monastery.

Monks associated with the Red-sect of the Buddhist order live and meditate inside the Lamayuru Monastery, more than 300 other monks are likewise subsidiary under the monastery's organization. The Lamayuru Monastery is a significant vacation destination in Ladakh, not just because of its profound and recorded essentialness yet additionally due to its inconceivable grand magnificence.


Lamayuru Gompa, located at a distance of 60 km from Leh, is also known as Moon Land or Chandra Bhoomi. This name is given due to the stony area of this place. Because the stony counters of this area look like moon land. Lamayuru is one of the most beautiful and supernatural monasteries in your life. Lamayuru is a beautiful feeling in itself.

The Lamayuru Monastery in Lamayuru is one of the most ancient and most noteworthy monasteries in Ladakh. It is roosted at an elevation of 3,511 meters above sea level. Aside from being probably the biggest monastery in all of Ladakh, this Tibetan Buddhist monastery is additionally the most seasoned Gompa in the area and is known as "the spot of opportunity" or "Tharpa Ling".

Guidelines to be followed

The sanctity of the monastery should be maintained. The monastery provides accommodation but ladies are not allowed to stay there overnight. They should leave the monastery before dark. 

Yuru Kabgyat festival is celebrated at Lamayuru with several rituals, dance and holy rites. The celebration of the 2-day festival takes place in the 2nd month of the Tibetan lunar calendar.

How to reach? 

Lamayuru is located about 15 km from the east of Fotu La pass on the road from Leh to Srinagar Highway. It is nearly halfway from Kargil and Leh on NH1D. On the off chance that you are venturing out from Leh to Kargil or Srinagar, you will perpetually go through Lamayuru except if you are taking the Hangroo circle street or Dah – Batalik course. You can also take a bus as several JKSRTC buses are plying in the Ladakh region. 

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Lamayuru Monastery is during the summers, as the temperature is quite warm. Also, during monsoons with some light showers will be ideal to visit the place. But during monsoons, there are chances of landslides and cloudbursts. During the winter the climates will be quite cold as the temperatures dip as low as 5 degrees Celsius. 

Lamayuru Monastery Timings: 06:00 A.M - 06:00 P.M.

Lamayuru Monastery Entry Fees: Nil

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