Tree House Stay, Wayanad

Tree House Stay, Wayanad

Wayanad is the best place in Kerala for hill tourism as most of the district comes under the protected forests and the remaining area is lush green cultivation with the relatively thinner population. Treehouse stays in Wayanad is a perfect way to relax and enjoy the beauty of picturesque lush green plantations. Treehouses are wooden houses built on the top of the trees at a height of 20 - 30 meters above the ground. These treehouses are constructed on treetops using eco-friendly materials like coir mats, bamboo poles, and hay straws. In Kerala, treehouses are known as Erumadam and are built over tall sturdy trees overlooking the forests. Traditionally, the treehouses were built by tribal people and hunters to escape from wild animals.

Now treehouses are built amidst thick plantations with beautiful walking trails to explore the surrounding area. Treehouses have thatched roofs and bamboo walls and are carefully designed to house all modern amenities to make the stay comfortable. These treehouses are so beautifully constructed that not even a single nail has been used to build the tree houses. The treehouses have a luxurious bedroom, a balcony to relax and a modern bathroom. Adequate light and ventilation are also provided for the tree houses. Wayanad tree house stay includes other amenities like intercom, hot and cold water, television, Wi-Fi connection, and a coffee maker. In most treehouses children below 4 years are not allowed due to safety reasons. But there are a few exclusively child-friendly tree houses too.

Only a limited amount of baggage can be taken to the treehouse and the remaining will be kept safe in the reception. Most treehouses are accessed by a wooden staircase or a hanging bridge. The treehouses have a bamboo and coir flooring which adds a rustic touch to the accommodation. The balcony offers a splendid view of the plantations. All the windows are covered by insect screens to prevent mosquitoes and other insects from entering the treehouse. Guests will be served authentic Kerala food in the restaurant. The guests are protected by electric fencing and trained security staff.

Wayanad tree house stays experience can be made more enjoyable by including activities like nature tour, plantation visit, bird watching, trekking, a campfire, and yoga and ayurveda tour packages. While staying in a treehouse you can get a close encounter with tribal people living in Wayanad and witness their indigenous way of life. There are many resorts and hotels in Wayanad offering treehouse stay to the guests. Some of them are Vythiri Resort, Green Magic Resort, Tranquil Resort, Green Gates Resort, Marmalade Springs, Hiliya Resort, Raindrops Resort, Green Magic Resort, and Forest Inn Tree House. Some resorts have tree houses built at a height of 80 meters and above from the ground, and an elevator is used to take the guests to the treehouse. wayanad tour packages from Bangalore

Wayanad tree house stay will not only rejuvenate your body but it will also help in relaxing the mind. An enthralling treehouse stays accompanied by scenic view from treetop will mesmerize you. Enjoy the unique experience of a stay in the treehouse. Book your wayanad tour packages with us and experience the the treehouse in Kerala

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