Coffee Plantation, Wayanad

Coffee Plantation, Wayanad

If you are a coffee lover, coffee freak, coffee techie, or just someone searching for more information about coffee, then you might build a unique relationship with Wayanad. One of the largest coffee manufacturers in India, this place is an ideal getaway destination. The quaint little town which is covered with the green coffee acres plantations has innumerable delights along with exciting things to do, that allures visitors from far and wide. 

Among several spots of interest such as the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Lakkidi, Thusharagiri Waterfalls, etc., the Coffee plantation in Wayanad, Kerala is the main tourist attraction that lures a large number of people across the world. It offers a tranquil and fascinating sight of nature. No doubt there are many ways of enjoying this place but a guided tour or staying in the lavish-green coffee estates of Wayanad are the ones which offer the best of everything to its tourists. The guided tour will be a pre-packaged tour that offers an opportunity to get a deep insight into this place. On this tour, tourists will get a tour guide and a constant itinerary. If you can opt for a guided tour to wayanad, you will go on an excursion of the rich coffee plantation where you can enjoy the greenery, romantic views, bird chirpings, murmuring of mountain streams, and the strong aroma of the coffee. Besides, with the help of the guide, you will also get an opportunity to watch the entire process of coffee- right from the seed till the packed powder which will be ready to adorn your mugs.

In addition to the guided tour, the other way of enjoying a coffee plantation tour to Wayanad is to spend a night in an estate or resort that’s near to it. A stay in the lush-green coffee estates is the perfect way to stay close to nature. Yes throughout your stay, you will not enjoy the superb coffee aroma or the serene ambiance that encloses this village but everything here strives is a pleasant and memorable experience.

Apart from this, you will be offered an array of activities like a trek through hills, spend some time with coffee producers; learn about the different coffee varieties and the complete process from the field to your home. Moreover, activities like campfire and barbeque dinners will surely transfer your stay into a pleasurable experience and make your trip worth remembering.

Last but not least November and December are the best time to visit coffee plantation Wayanad. So, leave your coffee beans at home, and pack your bags to explore this wonderful land where the most important ingredient of your favorite drink is cultivated.

Coffee Plantation Entry Fees: It varies with the season and type of package.

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