Best Time to Visit Thekkady

Summer Season (March to May):

During summers the mercury touched 37-39 degrees Celsius in Thekkady. It is not advisable to visit Thekkady in such sweltering heat. You will sweat profusely and it is advisable to gear up with sunscreens, caps, and sunglasses if you're planning to go to Thekkady during this time. A benefit of visiting in summer is that as it does not peak Thekkady tourist season so you can get hotels at cheaper price as compared to winters and monsoons. Summers are best if you are the kind of person who prefers to avoid crowded places.

Winter Season (October to February):

The cool winter months between October and February are the best time to visit Thekkady. The temperatures normally range from 10-20 degrees Celsius during winters. The climate is pleasant and you will enjoy the jungle safaris and trekking. The water in the Periyar River is pretty cold, so consider that if you are planning to go for water sports. Many important festivals are celebrated during the winter months in Thekkady, hence winter would be the ideal time to visit if you would like to get a taste of the local culture.

Monsoon Season (June to September):

There is a stiff competition between winter and monsoon for being the best season to visit Thekkady. Lush green forest and mountains cloaked in milky white mist await you at Thekkady during the monsoons. The Periyar River flows with her full might during the monsoon and this curtails your esterified water-sports options. Carry an umbrella and raincoat with you to Thekkady in monsoon because it rains frequently and quite heavily here. Enjoy a cup of coffee grown in the nearby plantations as you watch rains wash away your worries in this beautiful place.

You can choose any season to visit Thekkady, but do make sure to visit this paradise as you are bound to remember the experience for many seasons to come.

Best time to Visit Thekkady, Kerala:

Thousand of tourist and traveler mentioned that October to February are the best time to visit Thekkady.

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