Ayurveda Resort in Thekkady

Ayurveda Resort in Thekkady

Ayurveda is known as the science of life as this ancient healthcare method based on the physical, mental and spiritual harmony. It is the oldest healthcare system developed in India about 5000 years ago. Ayurveda aims not only to cure the diseases but to ensure a long, healthy and happy life. It is the ‘Mother of Healing’ from which the Tibetan, Greek, and Chinese healthcare methods were evolved .Ayurveda says that health and wellness depend on a sensitive balance between the mind, body, and spirit. 

Why Ayurveda Treatment:

One of the 8 components of Ayurveda is rejuvenation that increasing the lifespan, intellect, and strength of the human body. Ayurveda treatment can relieve you from all the stress and fill your mind and body with eternal happiness. This is the reason every year more than 600,000 non indian tourists came to India seeking Ayurveda treatments. 

Kerala is the land of medicinal and herbal plants that have inspired many to set up authentic Ayurveda centers in Kerala. Also, Ayurveda treatment gives more effective results if practiced in a dust-free, serene and rain-bathed place. In a cool and moist atmosphere, our body pores open and easily absorb the herbal oil applied during an Ayurveda massage. Thekkady in Kerala exactly matches all these climatic conditions and hence some excellent Ayurveda Resorts & Spa have been developed in Thekkady.

Thekkady is a popular tourist destination for its misty and windy roads, lush forest and wildlife. Travelers head to this beautiful hill station in Kerala to rejuvenate themselves amid the extreme tranquility of the countryside and the view of the tea plantations and thick forest.  Ayurveda Spa resorts in Thekkady, Kerala offers an effective rejuvenation program that fills your mind, body, and soul with the ultimate happiness.

Benefits of Ayurveda Treatment:

Obesity Control:

Obesity has become a prime concern in the modern world. Ayurveda helps reduce your excess weight in a natural way and streamline your body.

Stress Relief:

Yoga and meditation is a part of Ayurveda that helps you to de-stress yourself in its own natural way.

Rejuvenate & Detox:

Ayurveda or the science of life harmonizes the body organs, mind, breath and nerves and also purifies the blood. The treatment rejuvenates and strengthens tissues to achieve ideal health and long life.


Panchakarma is a group of 5 remedial treatments applied in Ayurveda. The 5 remedies are are Vamana means excretion by vomiting, Virechana means cleansing, Snehavasti, and Kashayavasti both of which are enema and Nasya that is sending medicines through the nose. 

Beauty Care:

Ayurveda also offers special beauty treatments for a flawless skin free of pimples, wrinkles, and acne. The herbal oil nourishes and cleanses the tissues to make the complexion glowing and youthful. It also takes special care of the eyes by relieving tensions.

Back Pain, Slip-Disk & Spondylitis:

Ayurveda works excellent to cure the modern lifestyle disease of Back Pain, Slip-Disk & Spondylitis.

Some Best Resorts to Go for Ayurveda Treatment in Thekkady, Kerala:

  • Kalari Massage Centre, An authentic spa to go for a massage that makes you feel very relaxed and full of energy.
  • Pranamaya Ayurveda Chikilsalayam provides excellent tailored healthcare program based on your need 
  • Ayur Sparsh is full of experienced staff and offers a friendly ambiance
  • Mayura Ayurvedic Center a renowned name in Thekkady for Ayurveda treatment
  • Rangerwood Nature Castle Resort at Thekkady is one of the best places for Ayurveda treatment in Kerala.

If any of above is not your choice, You can check our great collection of Ayurveda tour packages Or will send us enquiry to plan your ayurveda treament in Thekkady, Kerala.

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