Echo Point, Munnar

Echo Point, Munnar

Located around 15 km from Munnar on the road to Coimbatore, is the mysterious Echo Point in Munnar, Kerala. The route to top station, the highest point in Munnar, Kerala, is in fact, full of great viewpoints and picturesque spot. Echo Point is located at the confluence of the 3 mountain ranges of Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala, and is one of the most frequented and thrilling areas for tourists. Echo Point is nestled in the lap of the idyllic lake and pristine hills which are covered with lush greenery.

After crossing the Parambikulam National Park en route Top Station, we come across the meandering Mattupetty River and Dam. A few minutes further down the river is a beautiful region, a lush green landscape with high mountains surrounding a valley where the serene waters of the Mattupetty River shimmer, bordered by woods with tall trees. This unique location of this point has a deep secret. It has an echo phenomenon that is so clear and reverberating that tourists are thrilled to shout out in sheer joy. Visitors flock to this otherwise quiet valley and scream to glory and love listening to their voices rebounding over the hills and dales. Tourists thrive in this place all year round. The tourism board has set up boat rides up and down the river which adds to the attraction of the place.

Once in 12 years the whole area miraculously turns blue when the lovely Neelakurinji flowers blossom, adding a blue radiance to the heavenly scene. This is one of the famous attractions of Echo Point.

Echo Point at Munnar, Kerala is perched at an altitude of 600 m on the Munnar - Kodaikanal road. Puffy clouds hang low over the valley and it looks as if one can reach out and touch them. Momentarily the clouds open up and precipitate into a shower, creating a breathtaking scene. Tourists and even locals looking to spend a relaxing afternoon in the valley. Those who wish to spend some quality time with their loved ones at Echo Point should take a long drive along the river and take a jaunty walk along the surrounding woods. This quaint point is full of tranquility and leaves you spellbound with its mesmerizing beauty.

Echo Point is famous for Trekking. The lush green hilly areas are ideal for group treks and even mountaineering and hill climbing. So if you have an adventurous spirit, bring your trekking shoes, backpack and walking stick along. It is great fun to climb up the nearby peaks and hear your voice echoing back at you from the distant peaks. Nature enthusiasts will have a field day exploring the flora and fauna that is typical of Munnar’s environment in Kerala. Echo Point is one of Kerala’s hubs for adventure sports and on the whole, if you want a sporty holiday or need to pump up your adrenaline, Munnar’s Echo Point is your destination.

The beauty and lush green scenery make it impossible to resist taking photographs; it is a paradise for nature lovers and shutterbugs. Echo Point has typical Kerala weather and can be visited both in summers and winters. When other places and cities are suffering from the scorching heat, Echo Point is at a cool 15-25 degrees and in winter one can enjoy a hot cup of chai while experiencing the cool temperatures that range from 12 to 15 degrees. For those who like to watch the rain with a cup of tea, the initial monsoon months of July to September are an attractive season.

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Echo Point, Munnar Timings: 7:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M

Echo Point, Munnar Entry Fees:INR 30 for adults and INR 15 for children

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