Coffee Plantation, Munnar

Coffee Plantation, Munnar

A cup of coffee can pivot your state of mind from messy to upbeat and mindful. In case you're not a morning person who needs coffee to start the day, this article is exactly what you're searching for! Certain hill stations of South India have a pleasant and cool atmosphere practically all during that time making them ideal places to develop coffee plantations. While we're mindful of the tea plantations that are spread in the north-east of India at spots like Darjeeling, Assam, and so on, South India is home to new, green coffee manors in the bounty. Have some out of the world coffee, while unwinding by the invigorating plantation resorts at these hill stations of India in Munnar. A Munnar coffee estate is essentially a must-visit place there. 

Munnar, as a few other urban cities of Kerala, have various clubs and social networks related to coffee gardens. You can watch various types of coffee and their various flavors in these gardens. The fragrance of coffee noticeable all around keeps the earth reviving. Munnar is the commercial address for the world's greatest coffee players. The tea estates were started in the Nilgiris in 1832 on a trial basis. Later in 1878, the British began developing tea on Kanan Devan Hills in Munnar. These fragrant gardens of tea plantations are spread around 24,000 hectares of land in Munnar, Peermade, and Devikulam. The yearly yield of tea is 50,000 metric tons (approx.) in this district.

Munnar produces one of the best varieties of coffee across the world. It has in excess of 30 government registered tea and coffee gardens. These rich spots give a wonderful sentiment of green carpet or smooth gardens over the bumpy, rocky, mountains. The nurseries are encompassed by mountains and are renowned for world-class tea, coffee and cardamom cultivating. These mountains, wealthy in greenery and grand magnificence, are extremely well known with the trekkers. The coffee plantation of Munnar is a very famous travel spot as well. The aroma and beautiful landscape of the coffee estates lures a large number of tourists across the world. One can enjoy the stay here nearby the coffee plantation where tourists can indulge in various activities such as nature walk, trekking, camping, and you can spend some time in nature. Spend some quality time amidst the nature with your loves ones.


Coffee Plantation Entry Fees: It varies with the season and type of package.

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