Pathiramanal in Kumarakom

Pathiramanal in Kumarakom

Nestled in the huge Vembanad Lake near Kumarakom in Kerala is a serendipitous Island called Pathiramanal. This beautiful island is covered like a pearl that lies protected in an oyster's embryo. Referred to as the night sand in local language this 28 hectare Paradise hosts a variety of flora and fauna. This beautiful island once belonged to the Thaimattail family until 1979. This island is covered with perfect vegetation and has the best climatic conditions for the flora and fauna to thrive.

This place is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Winter is the best season to visit Pathiramanal as lots of foreign tourists (migratory birds) visit this place for spending their annual vacation. But beware, they are camera shy, so don't go near them or else you will scare them. Bring your cameras and your binoculars to seep in the scintillating beauty of these birds. The birds which Pathiramanal hosts sitting this season include names like kingfishers, cormorants, ducks, wild geese, gulls, egrets, whiskered tern, and many others. The island is home to around 150 species of birds or of which around 50 are migratory.

Along with birds, you will have the pleasure of seeing the rich Marine life diversity in Pathiramanal. You need to take a boat to Pathiramanal from Kumarakom, there is a boat service available here.

The wonderful triumvirate of greenery, birds, and water is what makes Pathiramanal an ideal holiday destination. Allow the Pathiramanal Island in Kumarakom to work its magic on you, we are sure that you will feel rejuvenated after a trip to Pathiramanal.

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