Best Time to Visit Kumarakom

Summer Season (April to June)

Summer in Kumarakom starts from March and lasts till June. With temperatures touching 38 degree Celsius, the heat and humidity of this place in summers is what makes tourists uncomfortable. For this reason summers are not considered to be the tourist season in Kumarakom. But that can prove to be good news for budget-conscious travelers as the hotel rates are normally cheaper during this season. Also as the place does not remain as crowded as it would during the peak tourist season, you can enjoy all the tourist spots in seclusion. Wear light free-flowing clothes and do carry lots of sunscreens if you are planning to visit Kumarakom during summers.

Winter Season (October to March)

Winter in Kumarakom starts from October and normally lasts till March. It is considered best time to visit Kumarakom in Kerala as the temperature varies from 18 to 27 degree Celsius. With summers being too hot and monsoons being too wet, winter can easily take the crown of being the best tourist season to visit Kumarakom. You can enjoy all the activities like sightseeing and adventure activities during the winter season in Kumarakom.

Monsoon Season (July to September)

Monsoon starts from June and lasts till September in Kumarakom. Although Kumarakom can be classified as an all-weather tourist destination, monsoon is still considered to be one of the best season to travel Kumarakom.

Seeing Kumarakom during monsoons can be one of the best experience of your life. This already beautiful place comes alive during monsoons with mist-covered lush green Nilgiris welcoming you. As the backwaters are flowing in their full passion, it is advisable to not go in the backwaters during this time. The temperature normally varies from 20 to 25 degree Celsius. You can feel a bit trouble with the humidity but heat generally won't be a problem here during monsoons. Be prepared for the unexpected heavy rains; do not forget to bring an umbrella or a raincoat if you are planning to visit Kumarakom during the monsoons season.

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