Kumarakom Travel Guide

Kumarakom is a small town nestled between the Nilgiris near the Vembanad Lake, which happens to be the longest lake in India. Scenic mountains peeping at you from the mist cover, fresh backwaters of Kerala, rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage an unforgettable experience awaits for your graceful presence at Kumarakom.

We have prepared this little Kumarakom travel guide which will help you through your tour of Kumarakom.

Things to do in Kumarakom

You will not get bored here, it's a promise. Kumarakom welcomes some very precious guests each year. Migratory birds, the 14 acres Bird Sanctuary is specially made to welcome these tourists. Bring your binoculars and cameras to enjoy and capturing these beautiful birds. You can get an opportunity to spot wild Ducks, owls, Kingfisher, Cuckoos and other migratory birds, some of them might have come from lands far away (Like thousands of kilometers far away!). 

Visit the beautiful Vembanad Lake and enjoy the backwaters near Kumarakom. Enjoy fishing with the local fishermen. You can even see the astonishing technique of the women of Kumarakom, in which they trap fishes in-between their toes!

There are plenty of water sports options in Kumarakom for all the adventure freaks. The place is home to some of the best backwaters of Kerala which has a lot to offer the visitors. Sail into the backwaters to experience the beautiful sunset. You could even swim or do other water sports activities like canoeing and cruising in here.

One of the most important pilgrimage centers of Southern India, Ettumanoor Mahadev Temple is located close to the Kumarakom town. You could even visit the Juma Masjid which is a 1000-year-old mosque.

When in Kumarakom do not forget to try Karimeen, which is a spotted fish delicacy. Local food is mouth-watering and nutritious, served on banana leaves. There is a lot of coconut and curry leaves added in every food item here. Vegetarians will love the variety of Idli, Dosa, and Appam here. We are sure that these gastronomical delights will linger in your memories for years to come caressing your taste buds every time you think of them.

Tired of all the traveling? Then let's just relax and rejuvenate yourself with a great Ayurvedic massage. The massage here is still done with traditional tools and in traditional Kerala methods with all the essential oils. Your worries are sure to be washed away with the backwaters of Kerala when you try this age-old healing technique.

Unless you are on a budget do not go to Kumarakom during summers. As Sweltering heat will greet you here if you dare to visit during the summers. Winters and monsoons are generally considered to be the better seasons to visit Kumarakom. Kumarakom is well connected with road to other major cities of Kerala like Cochin and Kottayam. The Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport from where you can easily get a cab for a KSRTC bus to Kumarakom.

The most exotic way to reach Kumarakom is taking a ferry from Muhamma, which is a town near Alleppey. You will witness some of the most beautiful scenery that Kerala has to offer if you take this mode of transport. Like any other Indian city, Kumarakom is well connected through an extensive rail network to all the major cities of India like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Cochin. 

We hope that this Kumarakom guide will help you when you travel to this enchanting place.

Sightseeing and Things To Do in Kumarakom

Best Time to Visit Kumarakom

Kerala is a state on which nature has bestowed upon its best gifts. Kumarakom is filled with lush green forests, birds chirping, elephants, beautiful lakes and friendly people. It is a home to the most serene and pristine backwaters of Kerala. Located at an altitude of 1,600 meters from the sea level, Kumarakom is an attractive tourist destination. Here we dissect the best time to visit Kumarakom.

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How To Reach Kumarakom

Kumarakom, a beautiful medley of islands surrounding the Vembanad Lake in Kerala is a must-visit place if you are a nature enthusiast and a bird lover particularly. As the place consists of a Bird Sanctuary which attracts migratory birds from as far as from Siberia. Apart from the bird sanctuary, the Kumarakom town consists of beautiful backwaters and lush green scenery.

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