Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

Among all the tourist destinations in Kovalam, beaches are undoubtedly the most preeminent fascinations. Kovalam beach is an extended length of white sandy beach running close by the Malabar Coast. The three isolated pieces of the beach are Hawah beach, Samudra beach, and the Light House beach. The biggest among these three beaches is the Light House beach which is a must-visit beach of Kovalam.

Light House Beach Kovalam is a hot favorite and one of the most loved in the Kovalam area. You can move to the highest point of the lighthouse through a winding staircase until you arrive at the very summit. Here, all your weariness dissolves away as the main breeze delicately brushes your face. Couples rush here to take photos that prove to be on the family collections for a lifetime. It is among the best travel spots in the whole of Southern Kerala.

The beach is named after the 30-meter high Lighthouse here which is the most significant component of this beach. The Light House is situated towards the southern part of the beach and it's on a mantle. There is a spectacle stage from which you can see Poovar in one way and the acclaimed Beemapalli mosque on the other. You can arrive at this stage by climbing an aggregate of 142 steps. 

The beach is unlike other beaches in Kovalam, it has a huge stretch of silver-hued sand and edgings of greenish palm trees. The musical tones of waves alongside the soothing breeze from the Arabian Sea are all that anyone would need to excite any guest here. The beach is an extremely adaptable one and its excellence isn't just about the location but the whole feel of the place. Lighthouse beach is likewise an ideal area for different adventure sports at Kovalam. Swimming, surfing, parasailing, and paragliding are only a couple to refer to which can excite any experienced surfer. The water here has a temperature that is impeccable to continue swimming in the beach an exceptionally agreeable action. The spot will without a doubt be a heaven for the shutterbugs. They can clear away the view from the lighthouse in their camera and those stills would be an extraordinary fortune to safeguard. This beach is additionally one of the most favored honeymoon spots in Kerala. Honeymooners can have a relaxed stroll through the excellent beach and couples can together enjoy the adventure sports here as well.

With regards to accessibility, Lighthouse beach Kovalam Kerala is very easy to reach among the all other beaches in Kovalam. It is very near to Thiruvananthapuram, along these lines effectively open by each potential mode of transfer. Surfing is one of the most noticeable exercises that you should participate in over a visit to the lighthouse beach. There is some great number of yoga resorts around the beach, which are the perfect places for wellbeing exercises.

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