Mattancherry Palace in Cochin

Mattancherry Palace in Cochin

Mattancherry Palace is also called the Dutch Palace which is a melting pot of different cultures. It is the only place in Kerala that reverberates with so many different varieties of population. This palace is mainly famous for its architecture, serene beauty and colonial remains. It is a Portuguese palace in Mattancherry, Cochin in the state of Kerala. Dutch Palace is now converted into a museum that displays paraphernalia belongings of the Kings of Kochi. Here, tourists learn about the fascinating history of Kerala via irreplaceable artifacts and embellishments. 

Mattancherry Palace was constructed in the typical Kerala architectural style mansions along with European influence in the chambers and the arches. Originally, it was built by the Portuguese who later gifted this palace to the King of Cochin in 1555. The history of Mattancherry Palace is related to Vasco Da Gama who landed there in 1498. He was welcomed by the rulers of Kochi who had given him the exclusive rights to construct factories. But in 1663, the Portuguese was influenced by the Dutch who took over this palace. Afterward, the Dutch were carried out some renovations and extensions in 1663 and was popularly known as the Dutch Palace.

The Mattancherry Palace consists of the huge number of murals illustrating the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, numerous Gods and Goddesses in different positions, and some scenes that took from the Krishna Lila. Some notable murals of this palace including the coronation of Rama, Lakshmi seated on the lotus, Shiva and Parvati seated with Ardhanariswara, sleeping Vishnu, Krishna lifting Mount Govardhana, and other goddesses. The frescoes are executed in the traditions of Hindu temple art which are decorative and religious. The scenes of some paintings have depicted from Kumarasambhavam and other works from the great Sanskrit poet Kalidas.

Apart from it, this palace also displays some items such as Dutch maps of old Kochi, weapons, silver sequined gowns, swings, royal umbrellas make of silk and brass, royal palanquins with floral designs, furniture belonging to the royal family, and the ceremonial royal sword and much more.

The courtyard of the Mattancherry Palace contains the three temples which are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, and “Pazhayannur Bhagavati” who is the protective goddess of the Kochi Royal Family. Besides, the dining hall of this palace has an ornate wooden ceiling which is decorated with a series of brass cups. Furthermore, it also represents the rare example of traditional Kerala flooring which is the perfect mixture of burned coconut shells, plant juices, charcoal, egg whites, lime, and looks like black marbles.

Tourists can reach here via taxis, auto-rickshaws, cars, and ferries. The nearby attractions of Dutch Palace are Cochin Tirumala Devaswom, Shri Ram Mandir, Shree Jalaram Dham, Paradesi Synagogue, Antique Museum, Nehru Memorial Town Hall, Mattancherry Jew Town, and much more. Here are some nearby restaurants where the travelers can try out local cuisines such as Hotel Nooriya, Ginger House Restaurant, Fathima Fast Food, 51 Harbour, Kayees Restaurant, Hotel New India, Annapoorna Sweets, and Restaurant and many more. 


Mattancherry Palace Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all the days of the week.

Mattancherry Palace Entry Fee: INR 10 for children and INR 20 for adults.

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