Alleppey Houseboats

Alleppey Houseboats

Alleppey is the houseboat capital of India. Here you will find houseboats that will even put a luxurious villa to disgrace. These moving houses attract tourists from all over the world. In Alleppey, you will find the famed backwaters of Kerala, which are spread across an expanse of 900 km. Locals traverse the length and breadth of these canals through longboats called Shikaras. This is the reason that Alleppey is also called as ' The Venice of East'. The backwaters are the interconnected network of the canals, lakes, lagoons, and rivers that can be best explored by the houseboats.

Alleppey is situated near the famous Vembanad Lake, which holds the title of being not only the largest lake of Kerala but also of being the longest Lake of India. Hordes of beautiful migratory birds come to visit the Vembanad Lake, and it attracts a lot of bird-watchers to Alleppey. This place is a paradise for travel enthusiasts and shutterbugs. The distinctive flora of this place lures a large number of tourists throughout the year. Alleppey a.k.a Alappuzha as it is known in the local language is a town blessed with natural beauty, it seems that the place has come straight out of a painter's canvas. The 'finishing point' is a place where the famous Nehru cup boat race takes place. Here is where you will find many houseboats docked. 

These Alleppey houseboats come in a variety of sizes, which include 3, 4 and even 5 BHK. Once inside a houseboat you won't feel that you are on a boat, as every boat is equipped with all the modern amenities like bathroom, furniture, TV, dining table, kitchens, air conditioners, bedrooms with King sized beds and even the internet. Some luxurious houseboats in Alleppey will even provide you a Jacuzzi. Although you can find houseboats in many parts of the world we guarantee you that you will find the best houseboats only in Alleppey, Kerala.

A small team of trained oarsmen, cooks and bearers will be there at your service in each Alappuzha boathouse. Imagine the experience, when the moon is glistening on the clear Kerala backwaters as you go on boating in Alappuzha, and you are standing on the deck of your houseboat hand-in-hand with your loved one. Feel the cool breeze that has just kissed the water's surface as you sit on the deck of your houseboat, sipping lemon tea. Take in breathtaking views of coconut and paddy plantations, which we are sure will help in calming your overworked mind.

The Kerala Alleppey Houseboat tour is an experience that you shall cherish for the rest of your lives. In Alleppey, your eyes will be greeted with clear waters and lush green fields wherever you choose to look. Alleppey is a place that symbolizes Kerala. Clean unpolluted air which will cleanse your lungs, mesmerizing natural beauty, great food, and lovely people. While on your tour, you can explore the vivid colors of the serene nature and witness the picturesque views of Kerala. The houseboats will take you through the palm-fringed shores, exotic villages, and paddy fields while you sail through the network of canals. One can also get a deep insight into the rural lifestyle of the locals who are living nearby the shores of the shimmering backwaters. The balmy ambiance of the houseboat will give you a memory of a lifetime.

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