Alleppey Backwaters

Alleppey Backwaters

What is the first thing that comes to the mind when you think of Kerala? If your answer is, hundreds of boats racing with each other, with around 50 oarsmen seated on each boat rowing furiously and every single standing person there is clapping and motivating the racers, then you are thinking about Alleppey.

In Kerala, you shall find a diverse variety of natural beauty, right from the hill stations of Munnar to the jungles of Thekkady, Kerala has it all. But one unique thing that you won't be able to find in any other holiday destination is the backwaters of Kerala. These backwaters are nothing but a complex interlinking network of lakes, rivers, canals, and lagoons which are situated between Cochin and Kollam. 

The best way to see the backwaters of Kerala is to visit Alleppey. These backwaters are the lifeline of locals. They use it for various purposes like transportation, fishing, and Agriculture. One of the most interesting things to do in the Alleppey backwaters is to take a houseboat trip. Houseboats are lavish houses constructed on boats. They are well-equipped with all the modern amenities that a human being would require like TV, refrigerator, kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms. Each houseboat comes with its own staff of cooks helpers and rowers. Living on a houseboat is an experience unlike any other.

One can enjoy the lovely morning while having the steaming hot cup of freshly brewed beverage on the deck of your houseboat, with birds flying past you and your vision being treated with lush green Palm trees and coconut plantations every single morning. An Alleppey houseboat trip will be an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Take a relaxing break in your Jacuzzi if you are tired of standing on the balcony of your new house. As it provides you with the best views of the backwaters replete with the paddy plantations, lush green jungles, smiling locals, and here you can also spot various species of birds and fishes. It is the best way to get a deep insight into the lives of the locals nearby the backwaters.

The Alleppey backwater Cruise is the perfect and lavish way to explore the backwaters. There are so many service providers who can take you on the cruise at a reasonable rate. In case you do not want to go for a full houseboat trip in Alleppey, do not forget to take a Shikara or Snake Boat Ride through these captivating waters. As no trip to Alleppey is complete without going for Alleppey backwater boating.

Vembanad Lake is another major attraction located near Alleppey. This lake is so vast that it is considered to be the largest lake in Kerala and also the longest lake in India. Many species of migratory birds’ visits to the Vembanad Lake every year which includes the Siberian Crane, Stork, Egret, Heron, and many more. The paradisiacal beauty of this place lures a large number of tourists and shutterbugs throughout the year

The houseboat stay in Alleppey backwaters will open your mind about real estate! It will give you a memory of a lifetime that you will cherish always. Backwater ride in Alleppey in the brackish lagoons will take you through the palm-fringed shores, lush paddy fields, exotic villages, and offers you a picturesque view of this beautiful place. Soak in the serenity of the backwaters which will surely make you fall in love with this place.

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