Tourist Attractions in Mysore

If you are in India, you’ll encounter experiences as you go about exploring the country. And one such state that oozes heritage and culture in Karnataka. It is one of India’s spectacular places of interest mainly for its rich history and natural surroundings. The tourist attractions in Mysore will leave you in awe as it has tons of heritage places, beautiful gardens, and many festivals. The city captivates travelers by its royal and magnificent aura through its century-old buildings. You can't help but dwell amid the bustling markets that sell irresistible items. Besides, the tourist places near Mysore also adds a certain charm that draws people from near and far. It allows one to make a quick day trip or a weekend getaway whenever you please.

Mysore Palace

The city of Mysore draws many travelers just to catch a glimpse of the Mysore Palace, it is considered top Mysore attractions and the largest palaces in India. It is the major landmark of the city and also the state. This was one the royal residence of Wodeyar dynasty rulers who ruled over Mysore for more than seven centuries. Every inch and corner of the palace makes you travel back in time. One of the fascinating things about this attraction is the display of lights. In the evening, the palace illuminates by 98000 light bulbs giving a grand sight to capture.

Karanji Lake

This lake is one of the major Mysore points of interest, it attracts many families and nature lovers. Karanji Lake is covered in lush greenery and the tranquil lake. It covers over 90 acres of land making it the largest lake in the state and also the most stunning natural attraction in the whole of Mysore. Karanji Lake is located at the base of Chamundi Hills which ultimately makes it an ideal place to come for a quick getaway and enjoy nature's lovely sight. 

Chunchanakatte Falls

One of Mysore sightseeing places is the Chunchanakatte Falls which is located a few minutes’ drive from the city center. Often people are surprised to learn of such a wonderful attraction in the city. Mysore has tons of waterfalls and amongst them, this is the most popular. It is located over River Kaveri in the Chunchanakatte village. It truly is a delightful sight to see the gushing waterfall and feel the water drops and steamy waft soak your body. It is at a height of approx. 20 meters that are divided into two waterfalls before adjoining into one single river.

Folklore Museum

This is an ideal museum to learn about Mysore’s rich heritage and culture. This museum is a part of the Mysore University and it has beautiful collections of traditional folk art, unique products, and interesting articles that have been extracted from Mysore history. All these items give an insight into the state’s traditions and the past life of this city. If you are a history lover this is a great place to visit and learn about Mysore’s history.

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