Krishnarajasagar Dam, Mysore

Krishnarajasagar Dam, Mysore

Krishna Raja Sagar Dam is located in Karnataka. It is located 12 miles northwest of Mysore city. This dam was constructed in the year 1932. The canals drawn from it are useful for irrigation, about 92000 acres of land around the dam draws water from the canals. This dam has been constructed on the Kaveri River and its height is about 130 feet.

The Krishna Raja Sagar Dam is a unique example of pre-independence civil engineering. The length of the dam is 8600 feet, height 130 feet and area 130 square km. There are musical fountains on its northern corner. The beautiful garden named 'Vrindavan garden' is situated just below the dam. The map of Krishna Raja Sagar Dam was built by eminent engineer Shri M. Visvesvaraya of his time and it was built during the reign of Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV.

There is also a small pond, where the distance between the northern and southern sides of the dam is covered by boat. The Hemavati and Laxman Tirtha rivers fall from it, many canals drawn from it are useful for irrigation of 92000 acres of land around the reservoir. Hydel power is also generated at Krishna Raja Sagar Dam and this is how water is supplied to Bangalore city. It has a garden called 'Brindavan' on the left bank of the river Kaveri, which is the center of tourist attraction.

The place where the river Kaveri enters the reservoir, there is a small town called Krishna raja Nagar, which is famous for the beautiful clay pottery industry. It is a gravity dam and its water is used by the farmers of Mandya and Mysore for agriculture. The water from the Krishna Raja Sagar dam is used for drinking by the residents of Mysore, Bangalore and Mandya city. The dam releases water to the Tamil Nadu state and then it is stored in the Mettur dam in the Salem district. The Krishna Raja Sagar Dam is the first dam built for irrigation purposes. The Krishna Raja Sagar Dam Mysore is named after Krishna Raja Wodeyar of Mysore who was the financer of the project. The dam was among the first in the world wherein the automatic sluice gates were used and signify the excellence of civil engineering before the Indian independence.

The presence of a decorative terrace garden called Brindavan Gardens that is built underneath the Krishna raja Sagar Dam is one of the most visited places in South India. You can experience the fascinating wonderland setting in the numerous musical fountains and stunning colored lights in the evenings. The Brindavan Gardens has been methodically strategized and is constructed on both sides of the big artificial lakes called the Southern and Northern Yards. The view of the plethora of fountains, flowing and leaping into several designs in the middle of the tranquil decorative gardens is a revitalizing involvement for the visitors. Then weekends are filled with a huge number of Tourists who come to see and enjoy the beautifully lit up fountains and gardens. The picturesque exquisiteness of the place has made it the most sought after location for filming several Indian and foreign movies. The gorgeousness of the dam can be relished all year round and monsoon is the best season to visit the dam. 


Krishna Raja Sagar Dam Timings: 10:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M

Krishna Raja Sagar Dam Entry Fees: INR 5 for children and INR 15 for adults

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