Best Time to Visit

Summer Season (April to June):

Summer sets in Kabini from the long stretch of March and goes on until May. The temperature blasts crosswise over Kabini with mercury taking off to 37°C, yet summer is as yet the best time to visit this hold. It is a perfect time to investigate an assortment of untamed life. You have the best odds of coming eye to eye with tigers in summer, as they move looking for lakes and water bodies. Dark Panthers, deer, and gaurs are likewise simpler to spot in the late spring months, making Kabini a vacationer hotspot in summer. This may make the spot somewhat swarmed for your enjoying, yet don't be disheartened – the perspectives and sights are justified, despite all the trouble! Nature strolls and climbing trails are frequented in summer as the night times and mornings are very cool and agreeable. The day may get somewhat mild and sultry, so wear light materials and cotton. Another summer fascination is the coracle ride on the Kabini River. Summer is, therefore, the best time to visit Kabini.

Winter Season (October to March):

Another best season to visit Kabini is during winter. From November to January, touring at Kabini is just lovely as the whole spot nearly becomes animated. Sultry summers are best stayed away from as the degree of inconvenience may damage the occasion state of mind of the vacationers. Winter goes wild in Kabini, with temperatures running from 6°C to an astounding 32°C! Try not to let this unexpected you – the one of a kind geographic area and nature of the district add to this particular atmosphere. Winter is a most loved visitor season in Kabini because you can detect plenty of creatures here. It is especially simple to spot elephants and pythons in Kabini in winter because the creatures are drawn out for water and nourishment. One of the most well-known exercises to enjoy here in the winter months is to partake in a jeep safari or an elephant safari, to spot tigers and pumas. These safaris take you very close and front with buffalo and different creatures too.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

The South-west monsoon saves nobody at Kabini, and the whole park is soaked for a quarter of a year. With yearly precipitation of 57 inches, the Reserve isn't extremely simple to visit in the rainstorm, however, the visit is as yet justified, despite all the trouble. After the showers, the woodland looks excellent verdant and rich – a fantasy works out as expected in fact. With temperatures running somewhere in the range of 20°C and 33°C in the rainstorm, the climate is agreeable too. The wilderness is effectively the most well-known fascination at Kabini in the monsoon – the evergreen trees stand tall, and the forested areas wake up with greens of each shade – the woods are a joy to stroll into. July, the wettest month of the year, sees wet days and significantly wetter evenings, yet don't give that a chance to deflect you. Since this is the off-season time, visitor bundles and passages are modest, which makes it ideal for sightseers on a limited spending plan.

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