Coffee Plantation, Coorg

Coffee Plantation, Coorg

If you are going to Coorg then it is always a fantastic journey. Estates are located near to Madikeri town in Coorg. This quiet, mountainside veranda is a great place to visit if you are keen on to do some outdoor activities from rafting to trekking, or just want to soak up the cool breeze amid the coffee plantations in Coorg. There are a lot of coffee estates in the region. The place never disappoints. But with the artisan beans, the place is one of the largest manufactures of coffee in the country. 

There are a lot of estates to have a great time and you can choose a guided tour. You can witness the procedure of how the best coffee beans are prepared. The lush green coffee plantations in Coorg provide you with a dreamy panorama, you can hear the birds chirping and flying also smell the strong fragrance of the coffee town. 

At the noon, the sun rays pass through the canopy of trees and fall on the ground in a plethora of excellent creamy spots. This is the time when the plants look bright and you can see. For more picturesque views, you can take a stroll early in the morning with the haze rolling down into the estates from the mountains. That is also when the workers are wake up and oversee the work of the coffee pickers who walk down the passages arduously but elegantly and very rapidly, as they pluck the coffee. 

The coffee plantation in Coorg is not always frequented by outsiders. Many years ago, the Britishers started cultivating coffee plantations in Coorg in the 19th century. There was fear among the neighbors of the military prowess of the Kodavas, they were the original inhabitants of the region. The dense jungles also consisted of wild animals, deadly insects, and leeches. 

You can also opt for a tour that consists of a casual walk of 1 km through these expansive coffee lands, you can get an explanation about other well-known plantations in these regions, such as Black Pepper, Cardamom, Fruits by an Estate Specialists. The tour will start at 3.00 pm and it is for a duration of 1-hour. The coffee plantations in Coorg visit is generally organized in a few select coffee plantations developed by the owners and managers. 

You can also understand the process of coffee beans in detail from the workers at the estate. For years, the region has been home to coffee plantations in Coorg; now, they are welcoming tourists as well, the well-managed hospitality has been attracting tourists from all parts of the country. Some of the owners use machines as well. Staying close to estates in lodging is most beneficial.

The tour will end by offering a cup of Coorg coffee traditionally.


Coffee Plantation, Coorg Timings: 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Coffee Plantation, Coorg Entry Fees: Nil

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