Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore

The Lalbagh Garden is situated in the south of Bengaluru and is a famous botanical garden. The construction of this garden was started by Haider Ali and later on it was completed by his son Tipu Sultan. The Garden is built entirely in the Mughal style. Spanning about 240 acres, this garden has a large collection of tropical plants and more than 1000 species of vegetation are found. The irrigation system in the Lalbagh botanical garden Bangalore is excellent and decorated with lotus flower pond, meadows and flower garden. Every year the festival of flowers is held here to ensure that people are waking up to the conservation of the vegetation.

The main attractions of the Lalbagh botanical garden Bangalore are the glasshouse, an aquarium, and a lake. These are adding the beauty of the garden. Every year there are two flower shows organized in the glasshouse. The flower show was started more than 100 years ago. The garden has the largest collection of tropical plants in the country. You can also see a flower clock in the garden. The clock works on the mechanism of electronic quartz. The dial of the clock is about 7 meters in diameter and is decorated beautifully with several colored flowers.

Don’t forget to visit the Peninsular Gneiss Rock in the Lalbagh botanical garden Bangalore. This rock is one of the oldest rocks that still exists in the world. On top of the rock is a small memorial. This monument got the recognition as the National Geological Monument. 

The Mango Fair is conducted every year in June, at the fair, there are several varieties of mangoes are kept for sale. It’s a great joy for the people that participate in this fair. 

At present, Lalbagh botanical garden Bangalore is being maintained by the Bangalore city corporation. Since it was officially announced in 1856, the Government Boat Garden was declared. Interior of London ' s Crystal Palace has also been built with a glass palace inside the garden. The rocks in the Red Garden are about 3,000 years old and are considered the oldest rock on Earth. An electronic flower clock is done by HMT in the middle of the garden. When you move between the greenery the garden, you will be lost its beauty. The garden is home to several different spices of birds like the Myna, Common Egret, Parakeets, and Pond Heron. The roads are well connected by which you can reach the Lal Bagh garden by hiring vehicles. 


Lalbagh botanical garden Bangalore Timings: 6 A.M. to 7 P.M.

Lalbagh botanical garden Bangalore Entry Fees: INR 10 for children and adults, there is no entry fees for the children below 12 years.

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