Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore Palace is truly one of its kind. The love of tourists for these kinds of forts and palaces seems to touch the sky. A true masterpiece of glory, the Bangalore Palace has a feeling of princely wonder. The enchanting beauty of Indian architecture can be witnessed by just seeing the magnificent structure. Located amidst the bustling cosmopolitan city of Bangalore, this royal palace is owned by the Royal family of Mysore. The palace provides its service to organize various programs, exhibitions, and concerts in the city. Bangalore Palace is a princely wonder and is one of the most impressive buildings with the remarkable architecture of the country.

The Bangalore palace was built in 1884 by the first Principal Mr. Rave Gareth of the Central High School at Bangalore. When the majestic glory of the palace allured the Maharaja of Mysore Chama raja Wodeyar, he bought this palace and then rebuilt it to make it more attractive. The gothic windows of the palace, the sites of war, and the places where the attacks had taken place have been artistically created with the Tudor style of architecture. There is a great fortress in the palace, which was built in England at that time. The famous painter Raja Ravi Varma’s most beautiful picture and carvings are included.

At the entrance of the Bangalore Palace, there is a large courtyard of a blue fluorescent tile with granite seats. Inside the compound, there is a dance room where private parties organized by the king were held. The palace is mainly painted with yellow. On the first floor, there is a Durbar Hall in which meetings were held. Among the other attractions of the palace are the head of a large elephant, a dining table belonging to the head of the Diwan of Mysore, an arms jacket and a weighing chair.

Bangalore Palace is an attractive and an epitome of royal lavishness. It is one of the best places to understand the efficiency of ancient architecture. When you visit the palace, you will get an opportunity to witness the stylish and extravagant splendor of one of the most powerful kingdoms in South India. There is an audiotape which you can listen to inside the Bangalore Palace. It gives you a better understanding of the history of the palace both in Hindi and English. 

There are motifs, cornices, and wooden carvings inside the palace. A lot of artifacts and decorative items are brought from Britain. The coat of arms has been gifted to the Wadiyars by the British. It is painted on the wall in red and white color and also has complex flowery design and mythological impressions. There is a Ganda Bherunda, which is a mythological bird with two heads at the center of the palace. The other side where you will see the elephant head consists of a lion that symbolizes royals and supremacy.

Bangalore Palace timings:

The Bangalore palace is open all year 7 days of the week from 10:00 AM till 5:00 PM. Sunday is a holiday.

Bangalore Palace Entry fee:

The charges for the Bangalore Palace entrance are INR 230 for Indians, INR 460 for foreigners, Camera for taking photos:- INR 285, Mobile Camera:- INR 285, Camera with video recording:- INR 1485.

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