Best Singapore Tour Packages

Best Singapore Tour Packages

In the entire Southeast region, Singapore is undeniably one of the most developed nations. It is, however, the smallest in terms of area, and still it doesn’t matter when it comes to development. It is also one among the mostly visited places by the tourists from all over the globe, and hence, in case you wish to spend a few days in Singapore, we can help with our customised Singapore holiday packages. Due to its small size, probably, it could prosper really fast.

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Singapore Holiday Packages


Singapore is a pivotal metropolitan hub and yet it doesn’t mean all business! There are some of the most beautiful sightseeing places in Singapore which you can simply fall in love with. Also, the fact that the country has incorporated a special greening policy, you would find much-needed greeneries amidst the high-class concrete architectural wonders! At Indian Visit, we can provide you with an all-inclusive Singapore tour itinerary which will fulfil all your travel needs. Our team of travel experts has curated some of the best travel plans for Singapore which you should never give a miss!

In order to experience the best of this buzzing nation, you need to opt for our specially planned and created Singapore vacation packages. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations, with the best of nightlife and varied attractions. Apart from this, Singapore is highly technologically advanced and hence, you need to visit this place at least once in your lifetime. The assortment of culture in this ‘Little Red Dot’ of Asia is truly hard to ignore. It’s a place of amalgamation of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences. So, whether you wish to gorge on its lip-smacking local cuisines, or indulge in some shopping spree, you will find an unmissable inspiration from all these cultures.

Singapore is quite a good honeymoon destination as well. Our meticulously crafted Singapore honeymoon packages are truly worth your while. If you have recently got married or about to get married in the near future, planning a vacation with your partner in Singapore will be a memory of a lifetime. The beautiful Sentosa Island, the magnificent Gardens by the Bay, the enigmatic Universal Studios, the attractive S.E.A. Aquarium, are just some of the places which you would love to visit with your partner, hand in hand!

So, what to expect from your trip to Singapore?

Your Singapore trip can start with a visit to the Merlion Park, which is a very famous landmark in Singapore. This is situated near to the Singapore River and is quite a favourite amongst tourists. It is named after the Merlion statue and here, you can enjoy some good, relaxing time, with a great view for some attractive pictures! For all the shopping enthusiasts, the Chinatown in Singapore is a paradise! It’s a much colourful place with ample street vendors selling different items. You will also get a variety of street foods there.

There are also temples, churches and mosques which you can pay a visit to, and this only shows the multi-cultural ethnicity of Singapore. The Botanical Garden is the very first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Singapore which you must pay a visit to in order to understand the real heritage and custom of this island city.

Marina Bay is another famous sightseeing spot in Singapore. You will feel like reaching a space centre at the very first glance. The architecture is marvellous with structures like the Helix Bridge. The adjoining areas have some magnificent man-made waterfalls and super trees which you can pay a visit to. While in Singapore, you must visit the Singapore Zoo as well. It is a very well-maintained zoo with a number of animals brought from all parts of the world. Singapore aims at becoming the first ever ‘city in a garden’, and by looking at the Gardens by the Bay, with beautiful man-made domes and super trees, the aim might possible get true in the years to come.

So, whether it’s your wish to visit Singapore alone, or you would like to take along your parents, or if it’s an adventure tour with your friends, we will make your Singapore holiday worth it! Our specialised holidays in Singapore, with the best of amenities and services, will take care of all your needs and fulfil all your travel wishes. We will provide you with the best of accommodation options, as per your budget, and will ensure that all your travelling demands are being taken care of!

We, at Indian Visit, essentially guarantee you an unforgettable stay at Singapore. You will get to explore the best of places there, and taste some of the most delectable ethnic cuisines. You can also plan your trip to Singapore during any of their local holidays. It will make you all the more aware of its culture and traditions, and your trip will be much more fulfilling.

All our custom-made Singapore tour packages from India consists of all these above mentioned places and much more! You will not only be covering the best of tourist attractions in the city, but will be able to feel one amongst the natives by learning their real heritage. So, are you ready for that much-awaited Singapore gateway yet?


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