10 Days Singapore Bali Tour with Cruise

Bali - Singapore


One is a bustling business center while the other is serene spirituality. In one city you will find the liveliness of a modern metropolis while in the other you will find the calmness of the massive blue ocean. Yes, we are talking about Singapore and Bali. Their contrast is compelling while their similarity striking. Come, take a journey of a lifetime to the beautiful islands with 10 Days Singapore Bali tour with cruise. In this journey, you will explore the beautiful beaches of Bali. Some of you would love to get lost in the tranquillity of the sea. While for others who love adventure we have water sports and volcano trip lined up for you. Get a glimpse of the Balinese culture, witness a traditional dance performance and also visit the world famous Hindu temples of Bali. Let your hair down in Sentosa and do not forget the Singapore cruise on which you will embark from Bali to Singapore.

Trip Highlights
  • Excursion to Uluwatu temple
  • Partake in water sports at Tanjung Benoa
  • Kintamani Volcano Tour
  • Guided tour of Ubud Village
  • Witness Kecak and Barong dance performance
  • Singapore Night Safari Tour
  • A trip to SEA aquarium
  • City tour of Singapore
  • Enjoy a Cruise ride
  • Marvel at a breathtaking view of the sunset from the cliff next to Uluwatu Temple
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Itinerary Details

The first day of your Singapore tour package starts with arrival in Bali. Meet our tour representative who will help you with a guided transfer to the hotel. Bali is also known as the 'Country of Gods', a title which you will find justified as grandiose statues of Lord Krishna, Arjuna and many other Hindu mythological characters welcome you in Bali, on your way to your hotel from the Denpasar airport. Apart from being a beach lover's paradise, Bali has a rich cultural heritage. More than 10,000 Hindu temples await to shower blessings on you when you visit Bali. But they can wait for first things first, freshen up at your hotel and relax. The rest of the day is for you to explore Bali yourself.

Overnight stay will be at the hotel.

Your first sunrise in Bali should be exciting, shouldn't it? We've made sure to fill your day with surprises, but first, you should fill your tummy with a sumptuous breakfast. Balinese cuisine is both healthy and mouthwatering. Nowhere in the world will you find such variety which consists but is not limited to, drool-worthy seafood. After breakfast, you will head straight for water sport activities in Tanjung Benoa. Feel the gush of wind while parasailing or loose worry in the blue waters of Bali when you go on a banana boat ride.

Want to explore the underwater beauty of Bali? Try snorkeling and scuba diving. For those of who wish to see the underwater surprises of Bali without getting themselves dirty (or wet!), there is the option to watch marine life from the glass bottom boat. Experience the placidity of the Blue Point Beach, with its large waves thronging against the sand like a rummaging child the blue point beach is El Paraiso for surfers. We have something in store for all you spirituality lovers, the Uluwatu Temple. Be prepared to visit this awe-inspiring site which is located around 70 meters above sea level on a cliff! It's the perfect place to contemplate the meaning of life. Precariously hanging between heaven and sea the Uluwatu is known all over Bali as Pura Luhur Uluwatu (something of divine origin).

Marveling at the traditional Kecak dance performance will bring you much closer to the Balinese culture and the sunset view from Uluwatu will bring you much closer to your beloved.

Overnight stay will be at the hotel.

They say the early bird gets the worm and we need to catch a pretty big worm here. Hence, you will need to get up early today. But we promise it would be worth your effort. Prepare yourself for a tour to the Kintamani Volcano, it's an active volcano in the Batur mountain range. Bali is blessed with such volcanoes. You can choose to visit the crater of this fire-spitting beast or just enjoy the trek and the hot springs whose mineral water is rumored to have healing powers.

You must be tired after waking up early and going trekking to the Kintamani right? Okay, we heard that your next stop on the Singapore cruise package would be the Batuan village. The art connoisseur in you will scream eureka when you visit this village. This town has mesmerized visitors with its traditional batik paintings and hand weavings for more than thousand years.

If Batuan was about paintings then your next stop Mas is all about wood carvings, sculptures which are the epitome of art refined by generations of sculptors. Keep some space in your bags for we are going to visit Celuk, a village famous for exquisite gold and silver art pieces. We hope that all your souvenirs are collected, now we shall continue our tour to visit a world-famous Balinese Hindu temple. Then, we will explore the lake in Kintamani village which has in store some of the most picturesque locations in Bali.

After having lunch your day will end in the famous Ubud market which will satiate your desire for shopping. Barong dance which is a spectacular local Balinese dance performance will be an optional show which will end your day in a perfect manner.

Overnight stay at the hotel.

Yesterday was a tiring day, wasn't it?. Don't worry we have kept your comfort in mind and day 4 of Singapore and Bali Cruise is of rest and relaxation. Begin your day with a laidback breakfast. Check out from the hotel and take your flight to Singapore. Check in at the hotel in Singapore and relax. The rest of the day is at your leisure. Explore the city of Singapore while new surprises await the next morning.

Overnight stay will be in the hotel.

Open your eyes and nose to the appetizing smell of breakfast in your hotel. You have enjoyed Balinese cuisine till now, let your taste buds sink into another Asian cuisine. Thereafter, we shall be exploring the beautiful modern city-state of Singapore for half day starting with the iconic Merlion Park which over the years has become and identity of Singapore.

We continue our tour to Suntec City Mall which is a shopaholic's paradise. Visit the Fountain of Wealth which was once recorded as the largest fountain in the world and offers a visual delight. If you haven't had enough shopping then Orchard Road is the place you will find interesting. With all the major retail shops in the city having their presence here every one is bound to find something of use at the Orchard Road.

Missing Home? Don't worry, little India town is the next stop. Want to experience Chinese culture? We have got that covered with a visit to the little Chinatown. In the evening, you will embark on the world famous night safari of Singapore. Watch wild animals like never before. You will have the opportunity to know about these wild animals up close. The Singapore Zoo authorities have taken special care in replicating their natural habitats.

They have recreated the wild African Savannah and the foothills of the great Himalayas right here in the bustling city of Singapore. The animals in the Zoo include lions, deers, tigers and more. We are sure you would want to repeat this 40-minute tour but wait as there is so much more. The Creatures of the Night Show will entertain you by acquainting you with the nocturnal animals. This show will last for 20 minutes. Singapore night safari is an exciting experience as it takes you to one of the rare zoos around the world which are set amidst a forest setting.

Overnight stay will be at the hotel

After filling your stomach with your breakfast, check out from your hotel. Your Singapore Cruise awaits your arrival on the Marina Bay Cruise Port. Enjoy world-class services aboard and let the cool breeze take all your tensions away. Enjoy the opulent dinner onboard.

Retire for the night on the ship.

Picture this morning! You are woken up not by your alarm but by the music of waves. And fresh ocean scent fills up your lungs instead of the polluted city air. Ah! Paradise on earth (err ocean!). Enjoy your breakfast onboard and then if you are feeling bored we are going to dock in Penang Island where you can complete your dose of water sports.

In the evening, we will cruise over the blue ocean once again. Dinner will be served onboard. You can enjoy the evening on the sea listening to the same ocean waves which woke you up in the morning.

Overnight stay will be on the cruise ship.

Allow us to spoil you with our state-of-the-art cruise liner services. The Cruise you are sailing on takes pride in offering one of the best cruise experiences in the world. Enjoy all the activities while you are aboard and make the most of the day. We have kept an entire day for you on the beautiful ship. So make the most of it. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served onboard.

Overnight stay will be on the cruise ship.

Open your eyes to the serene calmness of the sea. Your Caribbean cruise Singapore ends on Singapore Island. Today you will disembark the cruise. But, do not forget to have your lucullan breakfast before you do so. Check in at your hotel in Singapore. We shall proceed to Sentosa Island which is a favorite amongst tourists visiting Singapore.

Once a British military island, Sentosa was occupied by the Japanese during the Second World War. Sentosa literally means "peace and tranquility" in the local language. Sentosa has all the stuff which you will need to make your holiday a memorable one. Your thirst for adrenaline would be quenched beyond measure on this island with a thrilling cable car ride. Stretched across the Keppel Harbor. The ropeway connects the island of Singapore to Sentosa Island. Built by the Singapore government way back in 1974 the cable car offers a panoramic view of the sea and jungles that can take your breath away.

Visit the SEA (South East Asia) Aquarium which was once the world's largest aquarium. This massive water aquarium has 45 crore liters of water and some 100,000 marine animals from 800 species call it their home. A viewing gallery having dimensions of 118 feet width and 27 feet height will give you a feeling of being on the ocean floor with marine animals roaming all around you.

End your journey with the award-winning show, "The Wings of Time" which will take you on an epic journey through human history. You will travel through the African Savannah, the Silk Route and even meet the Mayans, a true visual treat. No trip to Sentosa is complete without watching 'The Wings of Time'. A story of friendship grit and the human experience from a bird's eye (quite literally), the 'Wings of Time' is a must watch if you are bored of monotony in theatre. It is a truly memorable experience which can only be had here in Sentosa.

Overnight stay will be at the hotel.

All good things come to an end, even fairytale vacations. Today is the last day of your Singapore cruise package. We hope that we have lived up to our standards and have been able to provide you a memorable experience of a lifetime. After having your breakfast, pack up and check out from the hotel. We have arranged for an assisted transfer en route to the airport.

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