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Dubai is like a pearl in the ocean, waiting patiently to bedazzle you with its charms. With our Delightful Dubai Tour, we promise that your liking will go out of the window. You will unearth a side of Dubai which is both mind-boggling and mind-calming. Dubai is a modern marvel, carved out of the sheer determination of its rulers who have made the UAE one of the wealthiest countries in the world. We will board a cruise (yes, you heard it a cruise in the middle of the desert!!), see some belly dance, visit the Jumeirah Mosque, go on a desert safari, see the world’s tallest building and yes, shopping (you thought we would forget that !). Just get hypnotized by the magic of this city and let it take you to a holiday of your dreams. Dubai is a city of surprises set amongst the sand dunes and it will make you dance to its tunes! Linabda! (Let’s start in Arabic)

Trip Highlights
  • Enjoy Dhow cruise liners along with dinner
  • Jumeirah mosque tour
  • Explore the fruit and vegetable souk
  • Visit the gold souk
  • Cherish Burj Al Arab tour
  • Desert safari with adventure activities like camel ride, dune bashing and sand boarding
  • Burj Khalifa tour and a visit to the observation deck
  • Visit the Underwater Zoo
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Itinerary Details

You are bound to get that awe-inspiring feeling when you set your feet on the Dubai International airport which happens to be the world's busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic. Skyscrapers shining like glistening droplets of water on leaves freshened with monsoon greet you when you leave for your hotel from the airport.

Our representative shall be there on time to assist you in your transfer to your hotel. Freshen up at the hotel and proceed to experience the Dhow Dinner Cruise. Dhows are wooden cruise liners which offer an unparalleled view of the city. Every night the city of Dubai offers a spectacular look, with thousands of lights shining giving it a look of a bride who is ready to welcome her groom. This look can best be savored from the Dhows, relish the beauty of this city with wine and scintillating Arabic cuisine inviting your tongue.

Overnight stay will be at the hotel.

After a baronial breakfast at the hotel, get ready for a day full of adventure on the second day of your Dubai tour. Today we are going to date Dubai and although the tour will last for only half-day, the memories will last forever. Our English speaking guide will pick you up from your hotel and the delightful experience will begin at the most famous and iconic structure of Dubai, Burj Al Arab. Feel on top of the world (like literally) when you stare from the observation deck of this majestic building.

Move on to visit one of the most photogenic sites of Dubai, the Jumeirah Mosque. This mosque is in the rare list of mosques across Dubai where which non-Muslims are allowed. Gorge in the beauty of this place. We guarantee a lifetime won't be enough to satiate your desire. The mosque reminds of the city's medieval past with intricately detailed panels which look mesmerizing against the blue backdrop. We move on to explore the palace and residential area of Jumeirah. We will have a sneak peek at the Sheikh Saeed house in which the royal family of UAE used to stay once.

We continue our tour and our caravan reaches Al Bastakiya which is the old city area of Dubai. Let the Dubai Museum located in Al Fahidi Fort take you through sands of time into the old era of the city. Built-in 1787, the museum was an erstwhile fortress which was used to protect Dubai from invaders. Two long black canons guarding the place remind you of its bloody past. It is the oldest surviving building of Dubai.

Hungry? We bet you will be, even if you aren't already. The next place on our list is the fruits and vegetable markets of Dubai known locally as the souks. Unleash your senses here and indulge in the opulent smells and taste of exotic fruits like mangosteens, guavas, and rambutans. Don't forget the dates, the very precious and famous fruit of Dubai. Bargain hard and take home some dates and you are sure to remember Dubai when you go home and dig your teeth into that juicy date. After filling your senses (and your bags) we move on to the gold souk. It's time to get greedy folks! The gold souk happens to be one of the oldest markets in the entire emirates. Revel yourself in the sparkle of gold, silver, platinum and yes a woman's best friend "diamonds".

Ah! What an Exhilarating day it was. Tired? No worries you can go to the hotel, take a shower and just cuddle up into your soft mattress. For those nocturnal animals, we leave you to explore the city's famous shopping malls yourself.

Get back to the hotel for an overnight stay in Dubai.

Wake up sleepy head, its morning! Sorry, if we woke you up just when you were going to don that golden bracelet but Dubai and more importantly your breakfast is calling. You can enjoy your stay in the hotel or explore Dubai during the day at your leisure but don't get too tired as we are going on a desert safari in the night. You will leave your hotel in the afternoon and there will be plenty of opportunities on the way to the desert for you to take that perfect pic for your Facebook DP. Want to go on a roller coaster ride? Just one teeny weeny detail this ride won't be on any adventure park but on the desert itself. With you, in a 4X4 SUV, we will go on dune bashing in which your expert driver will maneuver the vehicle through various sand dunes and you will experience the thrill of a lifetime. Only if you live to tell the story though!!! Just kidding buddy, just kidding. Next stop is a farm. Are you surprised? Where did a farm come in the middle of a hot desert? Well, it's a camel farm and yes they do exist see for yourself, click selfies with a camel and post them on your social media account.

Before we proceed further, seek pleasure in the fiery orange sunset of Dubai.

On the campsite, activities such as sand boarding (surfing on the sand), camel riding and getting a henna design await you. Dubai desert will lure you for a night with the cool breeze ruffling your hair as you watch the belly dancers flaunt their moves. Desert safari is arguably Dubai's biggest attraction. Enjoy the stillness of desert as you enjoy the night and cool Arabian music at the bonfire. Enjoy your appetizing BBQ dinner and swoosh your thoughts out of the shisha (Arabic water pipe) as you allow the moment to behold you.

After an exciting day, get back to the hotel for an overnight stay.

A breakfast fit for kings and queens shall be awaiting you on the fourth day of your Dubai tour package. We begin our day on a high note (and I mean really high) on the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. The iconic tower has been the center of attraction in Dubai right from its inauguration in 2010. Hop on to the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa and the marvel at the picturesque view of the city.

After that, we visit the Dubai Aquarium. What an aquarium in the middle of a desert? Yes, my dear friend we told you we would show you another side of Dubai on this tour. Enjoy the Dubai tour, my friend. Not content with just the world's tallest building, the sheikhs of Dubai decided to build the world's largest suspended aquarium. The aquarium is located in the Dubai Mall, behold the spectacle as the marine life in this little water world has a spellbinding effect upon the onlookers. 51 meter long, 20 meters wide and 11meters in height, there is enough space for King croc who is one of the biggest crocodiles on planet earth. He is accompanied by 300 sharks, stingrays, turtles and thousands of other marine animals. Over 140 species call the Dubai aquarium home.

The overnight stay shall be at the hotel.

Life in Dubai is a never-ending festival. A festival like no other. You have lived this adventure for four days. Now you can chill, relax and just enjoy the memories you made in these four days and oh! don't forget to go shopping in case your bags are not full yet. We will assist you in the evening to the airport and await with open arms for your next trip to the delighting city of Dubai.

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