The Oberoi Vanyavilas Sawai Madhopur

Ranthambhore Road, Sawai Madhopur - 303012


Situated in the heart of exotic jungle, none other than the famous Ranthambore National Park, the Oberoi Vanyavilas is a treat for senses and the soul. Experience the beauty of the wilds while putting up in the exquisite tents of cosseted luxury. The resort has won many prestigious international awards for its service and exoticness. For the wildlife enthusiasts, the Vanyavilas is the perfect base to shoot and sight the big cat amidst its natural habitat. The 20-acres of private landscaped gardens, beautiful water bodies and sun drenched decks make the resort a truly paradisiacal retreat. What's more, the spa facilities, the meeting amenities make it an ideal choice for business as well as leisure traveler.


Luxury Tents

The Oberoi Vanyavilas offers 25 palatial tents each 790 sq ft with private decks and gardens. The tents also feature king-size four poster beds with exquisite linen, fabulous roll-top baths and private showers. The wooden flooring and embroidered interiors make the inside atmosphere romantic and warm. The in-tent amenities include TV with satellite channels, Wi-Fi internet connection, safe, telephone, Minibar and round the clock service.


The guests can choose to dine anywhere and anytime as the highly attentive butlers will do it utmost to put you on a pedestal. The resort offers a dining hall and inner courtyard restaurant, a pool bar and a library bar.

Dining Room and Inner Courtyard

The palatial restaurant features exquisitely painted frescos and offers a versatile menu ranging from Indian to Continental delicacies. The expert chefs whip up the zesty and spicy meals out of the freshest produce that comes right from the Vanyavilas' own kitchen garden.

Library Bar

The Library Bar is where you can unwind yourself with a nightcap. The bar offers a good selection of fine spirits, aperitifs, wines, cigars and, of course, books.


The Poolbar, by shimmering swimming pool, is a special poolside snack bar offering exotic sorbets, beverages and snacks.

Health & Recreation

Fitness Tent

The tent is located at the pool level and offers all modern equipments such as steppers, excerbikes, rowing machines, treadmills, etc for that perfect workout. The Vanyavilas also features a jogging track.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is open from 7 in the morning till 8 in the evening and is heated in winters for the comfort of guests.

Spa & Wellness

Spa and Wellness

Oberoi Vanyavilas Wildlife Resort has its private therapy room overlooks the lush, green lily pond. They offer their wellness services to the ladies, gentlemen, and couples. They use natural products in the spa and massage therapies. Guests can also go for their custom-designed sensorial treatments which helps in releasing tension and ease muscular knots. They have a wide array of facial treatments, body treatments and massage packages which helps in the relaxation of body, mind, and soul.

Body Treatments

Body Envelopment – In this type of body treatment, full-body exfoliation is done to eliminate the dead skin cells that enhance the penetration of the ingredients. The body masks apply which helps in the detoxification of the body and helps to mobilize toxins. It also helps in healing skin problems.

Himalayan Rice – This is an ancient preparation which helps in stock up the moisture and reinstates the natural shine of the skin. The mask of Almond Powder and Himalayan rice helps to remove the dead skin cells and tone the skin texture.

Red Mud – This is an herbal mixture of heat-inducing aromatic plants and spices such as ginger, rice, and nutmeg. The mask of these herbs helps in the exfoliation of the skin and relieves the pain and muscular stiffness.

Indian Sandalwood – This is the centuries-old technique to purify the skin by drawing out the impurities. This mask deeply conditions the skin and the therapist lathers your body with this mixture. It retains the moisture of the skin and purifies the skin. It heals the pimples, acne scars and leaving you with the healthy skin and body. 

Facial Treatments

Soundarya Facial with 24k Gold Bhasma (for dry and mature skin)

The 24k Gold Bhasma has the property of penetrating to the deepest layer of the skin. It helps in providing the radiance and increasing the elasticity of the skin. This traditional and unique treatment slows down the sign of premature aging. It lightens and brightens the skin tone along with targeting skin pigmentation. This facial treatment consists of two massages and two masks. In the first massage, the therapist incorporates the healing of the skin and in the second massage, the ancient technique uses to infuse the heat into facial muscles to make the skin firmer and re-energized.

Tejas Jasmine and Patchouli Facial (for oily skin)

This treatment is a powerful formulation to provide nourishment to the skin. This treatment is done to restore the balance of the skin. These herbs with the tea tree oil and patchouli oil are famous for their therapeutic qualities. They neutralize oil production and remove skin impurities. The pores of the skin get tighten which makes the skin healthy and shiny.

Vedika Hydrating Gulab Facial (for dry and sensitive skin)

The rose has a soothing and gentle cleansing property which helps in softening and refining the skin. It is widely used for the treatment of sensitive skin. The combination of anti-oxidant herbs and roots with the rose water helps to restore skin vitality. The masks and the fresh flower infused mist and lotion refreshes and hydrates the skin.

Revitalizing Men’s Facial (for all skin types)

This facial treatment helps in detoxify and cleansing the skin. Its herbs used in the treatment helps in unclogging the blocked pores, accelerate the phenomenon of skin repair, and neutralizing impurities. This treatment provides long-lasting defense against the damaging effect of the daily pollutant and leaves the skin clearer.


Oberoi Signature

The Oberoi offers the most powerful spa treatment which helps in relaxing the body, mind, and soul. They give you a perfect blend of rhythmic strokes which helps in releasing muscular tension, increasing the blood circulation, relieving the physical and mental stress. They offer customized suites and packages as per the requirement of the guests.


Swedish massage is one of the widely practiced Western techniques. It involves the uses of hands, forearms, and elbow to give the soothing strokes to the body which helps in releasing the muscular tension and increases the circulation. It helps in easing the pain and gives relief to the body. It improves mental and physical health. The experience of this treatment is so relaxing and rejuvenating.


It has been developed in Indonesia with the influence of the traditional medicine system of India and Southeast Asian countries. In this technique, they use the combination of manual therapy and aromatherapy to give different types of deep pressures to stimulate and release muscle tension. The practitioners use the essential oils uses during the massage and give gentle strokes, percussion, and acupressure. It is recommended for the aches and pains.

Hot Stone

In this type of massage, the heated stone is used to apply the pressure on the body to provide long-lasting benefits. The stone is a smoothened ingenious rock that is inundated with the earth's energies. These rocks are heated to intensify the effects. The smooth, flat, and heated rocks are placed on the key points on the body such as the back, hands, etc. It is very helpful in stimulating and improving the quality of sleep.

Oberoi Experiences


The Oberoi has its curated techniques that combine the beauty and wellness treatments to rejuvenate and relax the body. With the warm poultice, prepared with the Indian herbs, and warm therapeutic oils use over the skin to treat the aching or painful part of the body. It is followed by the head, neck, and shoulder massage. It is concluded with the Signature Dhara, in which a warm scented assortment pours over the forehead which helps in the stimulation of the third eye and helps promote the deep senses of oneness and wellbeing.

Therapies inclusions:

  • Hot Poultice
  • Foot, shoulder, and head massage
  • Signature Dhara


In this treatment, the back massage pulls you into instant relaxation. It helps to ease the muscular knots, aches, and rigidities. It is followed by a nourishing Soundarya facial treatment that detoxifies and cleans the skin. The experience concludes with the intensive foot and leg massage. This therapy directed to relieve pain and aches from the body part and restore the balance. The last thing will be the hand massage which will hydrate the skin and the skin will glow.

Therapies inclusions:

  • Back massage
  • Soundarya Facial
  • Legs and foot massage
  • Hands massage


In this process, firstly the body exfoliation is done to remove the dead skin cells which help in enhancing the penetration of the ingredients. It is followed by a full body massage with the herbal oils. It helps in the nourishment of the skin and restores body balance. The treatment concluded with pouring the Signature Dhara on the forehead which helps in the stimulation of the third eye and easing the deep-seated tensions.

  • Therapies inclusions:
  • Body Exfoliation
  • Full body massage
  • Signature Dhara

Sensorial Treatments

Energy Balancing with Himalayan Singing Bowl

The Oberoi has its custom-designed treatments which provide a holistic experience that releases the muscular tensions and helps in the stimulation of the body parts. This therapy starts with gentle strokes and massage that will activate the energy centers of the body. After that, the singing bowl uses to create the sonic vibrations which run through the body and calm the senses by relieving the fatigues. This therapy can take your body in an extremely relaxed state.

Energy Balancing with Himalayan Salt Stones

This treatment is performed with the help of the smooth volcanic or basalt rocks. This rock contains earth energies and they give the best result when they will be used warm. These warm rocks are placed on the key points of the body. The practitioners give you stroke with these heated volcanic stones and it helps in increasing the energy flow in the body. It results in the powerful relaxation of the body.


  • banquet facilities
  • bar/lounge
  • cable/satellite TV
  • chest press
  • computer
  • conference
  • cordless collar mike
  • cordless hand mike
  • digital camera
  • DVD player
  • ensuite/private bathroom
  • exercise bike
  • gym/fitness facilities
  • jacuzzi
  • laptop
  • lat pull
  • laundry
  • LCD projector
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