Mall Road, Shimla

Mall Road, Shimla

The Mall Road, Shimla is one of the best tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. It gives you a fascinating view of the mountains and the deep valleys. Mall Road is a place where you can walk around the road by enjoying various delicious cuisines with a look at the enchanting natural beauty. Horse ride is one of the main attractions along with photography and small vendors selling attractive stuff.

The Mall Road, Shimla is about 6 km from the Vice Regal Lodge. After walking on the road, you can see the amazing colonial-era buildings and monuments here. Mall road is a no-vehicle zone which is beneficial for the people walking on the road. Various cultural activities and programs provide a great variety of fun during special festival occasions. Mall Road is an excellent place in Shimla where tourists enjoy the fun and frolics for the time they are here. 

The tour to Mall Road is incomplete without shopping. The Mall Road is popular for shops, world-class showrooms, and departmental stores. It also offers some beautiful handicraft products such as clay pots, jewelry, and woolen clothes. Tibetan carpets and pashmina shawl, are sold locally by vendors in shops and tents. You can buy the colorful and lively Himachali cap from many shops which a world-renowned headgear. You can also buy small souvenir symbols and knick-knacks from the Mall Road, Shimla. On the Mall Road, there are clothes of local and branded which the tourists can buy. You will get a good deal on clothes, artificial jewelry, and other artifacts while Shimla Mall road shopping. 

Many cafes and restaurants at the Mall Road Shimla serve delicious food. The cafes and restaurants here not only specialize in local cuisine, but also serve global food. Cafe Sol, which is a well-stocked bar and cater to a variety of recipes is popular in this part. The Devicos is quite famous for Indian, Italian and Chinese foods. Besides, the Indian Coffee House is a unique option. 

Then there is the Scandal point in the west of the Mall road. There is a statue of great freedom fighter Lajpat Rai. The General Post Office is in Shimla at the side of the Scandal Point. The Scandal point is also infamous for the eloping of a king with the daughter of British Viceroy. This incident had caused a lot of to stir locally. And so, it is called as the "Scandal point."

Several famous film personalities have performed at the Gaiety theatre. Even though this theater has been renovated, the site has been laid down in its original design to preserve the heritage and natural beauty.


Mall Road Shimla Timings: 24 hours

Mall Road Shimla Entry Fees: Nil

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