Himachal State Museum, Shimla

If you are traveling to Shimla then don’t miss the Himachal State Museum, Shimla located on the Mall Road. It consists of an exclusive collection of paintings, coins belonging to ancient times, carvings of wood, sculptures collected over the periods from the state and the country. The aesthetics of the items influence the Pahari art form. The Himachal State Museum has located about 3 km from the Scandal point close to the Ridge. The Himachal State Museum is also known as the Shimla State Museum. The museum was founded in the year 1947. It is a beautiful display of miniature pictures of the Mughal, Rajasthani and contemporary paintings. You will find various bronze artwork, collection of tickets, and artifacts related to anthropology have also been preserved in the museum. Tourists can also get to see Gupta's idols, Masrur's stone paintings, and Kulu’s masks. The Himachal State Museum has a collection of historical books and manuscripts for the host of visitors.

The State Museum Shimla consists of over 10000 books, journals, and magazines, which is one of the main tourist attractions of the library. The Himachal State Museum, Shimla is frequently visited by the admirers of art and history. The Shimla State Museum is a physical depiction of cultural diversity and has huge historical importance. The main purpose of the Museum is to preserve and maintain the antiques that are kept there. By visiting the Museum, you can understand the rich history of the state, learn about the various antiquities. You will find information under every artifact. 

There is a doll gallery inside the museum consisting of many brides and groom dolls among several others which have a huge admiration within the tourists. Some archeological artifacts can also be seen inside the Himachal State Museum Shimla, which consists of stone images dated from the 8th century. During the colonial times, the impressive building was the house of Lord William Beresford. He was the Military Secretary to the then Viceroy in India. It was later occupied by many residents. Then, the government officials of the state lived there. It was eventually transformed to the present day Museum and since January 26, 1974, it has stayed like that.


Shimla State Museum Timings: 10:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M (Monday closed)

Shimla State Museum Entry Fees: INR 20 for Indian nationals and INR 100 for foreign nationals

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