Chadwick Falls, Shimla

Chadwick Falls is nestled deep in the middle of the Glen Forests in the beautiful city of Shimla. When the waters fall from a great height amidst the quiet jungles of the fir, it is quite a sight for anybody to stand and take notice. There are many picturesque views in this part of the country. One such waterfall is the Chadwick Falls Shimla.

Because of its natural beauty, the scenic waterfalls are more popular among Indian tourists as well as tourists from foreign countries. Despite building a distinct identity on global tourism, the water falling from the Chadwick Falls was so sweet that some people used this water to drink. The clean waters of the Chadwick Waterfall cascade straight down the valley from such as height is a treat to watch. What intensifies the attractiveness of the falls is the nearby hills as well as the verdant trees of Deodar and Pine. Because of the dark and damp atmosphere that is formed by the dense canopying jungle, some of the travelers feel the walk through the forest rather than an adventure. It is a natural waterfall and the water is so cold and refreshing.  It is a great place to visit after you have had a very tiring travel schedule discovering the whole of Shimla, you can come to the falls and relax. At this place, you will have ample time all for yourself.

Chadwick is a Sanskrit name which is a combination of two words. The “Chidku Jharr. The first word Chidku means the sparrow and the “Jhaar” means the waterfalls. According to the local people, it was believed that only the sparrows were capable of reaching the top of the falls and not any other creature. Hence it was named the Chidku Jharr. But during the British rule, they were finding it very hard to pronounce the name Chidku Jharr and hence they began to call the waterfalls as Chadwick. Since then it has become the Chadwick waterfalls. There is another story for the name, according to some there was a scientist by name Chadwick, he had committed suicide at the falls, and therefore, it is named after him. No matter how the name of the falls originated but one thing is clear it is indeed a beautiful location to visit in Shimla and just a short distance from the city of Shimla. It should be a must-visit on the list of Places in Shimla. To visit the falls you will have to pass through a narrow trail and you will have to be very careful about the slippery paths there. But the adventurous route will be worth it.


Chadwick Falls Shimla Timings: 24 hours

Chadwick Falls Shimla Entry Fees: Nil

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