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Located in the magnificent hill state of Himachal Pradesh in India, Shimla is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The city was named after a Hindu goddess named Shyamala Devi, another name of the Goddess Kaali. Shimla lies at an altitude of 2,205 meters with breathtaking natural beauty and rich heritage. The hill station is enveloped by seven hills that include Jakhoo Hill, Bantony Hill, Prospect Hill, Summer Hill, Observatory Hill, Inverarm Hill, and Elysium Hill. This small hill town has enjoyed the status of being the most favored hill station for almost two centuries. Here is a Shimla city guide which will give you a brief about this famous hill station.

The enchanting beauty of Shimla has attracted countless filmmakers and cinematographers. Shimla was covered with forests till the 18th century and this region remained a forest till it came under the British East India Company. It was governed by the erstwhile Maharaja of Patiala who assisted the British during the Anglo-Nepalese war. John Lawrence, the Viceroy of India, shifted the summer capital of the British to Shimla in 1863. British soldiers, merchants, and civil servants moved to Shimla every year in summer, to escape the heat of the Indo-Gangetic plain. Shimla was the capital of the undivided state of Punjab in 1871, until the construction of Chandigarh. This erstwhile summer capital of the British, still retains its colonial-era charm through its spectacular historical churches and institutes, like Christ Church and Indian Institute of Advanced Study. The beauty of this place is no less than it was a century ago, and still attracts a large number of tourists each year from all parts of the country.

Shimla is bordered by dense cedar forests and surrounded by scenic pine-covered hills and snow-capped peaks. Most areas of the present-day Shimla is dotted with old buildings from the colonial era and the town’s bazaars bustle with local life and quaint little shops. Shimla travel guide will help you enjoy this much sought after hill station. The charm of this town lies in its narrow lanes, the people you bump into, and the wonderful views that greet you around every bend in the road. Being one of the major tourist towns in India, Shimla is visited by thousands of Indian and foreign tourists throughout the year who are attracted by the breathtaking views of the surroundings and the snowcapped peaks of the western Himalayas. The colonial-style architecture with Tudor and neo-gothic architecture complements the surroundings along with the pleasant climate of Shimla.

Kalka - Shimla train ride is one journey in Shimla guide that would etch beautiful memories of a lifetime in your heart. The ride that covers 107 tunnels and bridges is an experience where words will fail to explain the pleasure of the ride. Shimla tourism encompasses a complete experience, where entertainment, culture, British architecture reminiscent of the colonial era, temples and palaces could be spotted interspersed on its landscape.

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Best Time to Visit Shimla

The weather in Shimla is characterized by mild summers, freezing winters, and a distinct monsoon. Despite monsoons being the offseason for tourism here, the pleasant weather attracts a large number of tourists to Shimla all year round. If you are planning a holiday in Shimla then before making the bookings, you must know about Shimla weather and the best time to visit Shimla.

Despite the popularity of Shimla as a hill station in India, the city has managed to retain its serenity and calm. While some like to soak the waters of nature in monsoons, others like the romance of the winters and yet others prefer the pleasant summers. In short, the best time for the Shimla tour is anytime the heart so desires. Just pack your bags and head out.

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How To Reach Shimla

Shimla, once the summer capital of the British Raj, is a year-round vacation destination frequented by a large number of tourists from all over the country.

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