Rahala Falls Manali

Rahala Falls Manali

Rahala Waterfalls:

The beautiful Rahala Falls is a tourist delight in Manali . It is located at the beginning of the climb to the Rohtang pass and a height of about 2501 meters. The sight of the Rahala Falls is fantastic when you are trekking to the Marhi from the old road in Kothi.

The place is ideal for a family outing. As you are exploring the spot, then you will hear the beautiful sounds of the birds chirping, the shrill sound of the trees and the dripping waterfall enhance the prettiness of the Rahala Falls. 

The Rahala Falls occurs due to the glaciers that melt as the temperatures increase. It is a popular tourist spot where travelers can enjoy the beautiful sight. As you enter the site you will see the form of nature and start to believe, why Himachal is known as heaven on earth.

As you admire the Rahala falls Manali you will feel that you have been released from the concrete jungles of the stressful city. Water falling from the top of the mountains this nature’s jewel is not easy to describe in words. The surroundings of the Rahala falls include the silver birch trees, trees of deodar.

You will be relaxed with fresh and fragrant air which gives the tourists peace of mind. The fall will be frozen in the winter as the temperature falls below zero degrees. It is a paradise for shutterbugs and nature lovers where you can see tourists playing and enjoying in the snow here. The water coming out of the snow gives immense pleasure and looks very beautiful.

Small eateries are also available here and you can relish some snacks if you are feeling hungry. It is perched at an altitude of 9000 ft and provides an excellent view of nature. Due to the freezing of the water, this waterfall is also known as the Snow waterfall. The tourists who love adventure can indulge in adventure activities like trekking up the mountains and the backside of the waterfalls. 

The picturesque waterfalls attract tourists from all over the world. The Rahala Falls Manali can be reached by road hiring a bus, four-wheelers or even a pony. The magnificent sight of the water cascading from the top of the mountain makes you feel like coming back again and again. Read more about Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide.

Best Time to Visit Rahala Falls:

As per many tourists and travel experts, the best time to visit Rahala Waterfalls is from March to October. At that time water levels of the falls are high. Most of the snow in that area melts and creates streams and exposing the green carpet in the surroundings. Reach there before the first half of the day is preferred as it allows enough time to relish the fall and visit the nearby attractions before returning Manali.

How to Reach Rahala Falls from Delhi:

Rahala Falls distance from Delhi and Manali are respectively 565 km, 16 km on the Manali- Leh Highway. You can reach Manali by government bus, tourist bus, or rented cab. The best mode of transport to reach the waterfall from Manali is public transport. Also, Travelers can drive a car via the Leh-Manali highway to reach Rahala waterfalls.

Rahala Falls Manali Timings:

6:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M

Rahala Falls Manali Entry Fees:


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