Mall Road, Manali

Mall Road, Manali

Manali is a stunning hill station that provides amazing views of the snow-capped mountains in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Tourists from all over the world visit Mall Road Manali not just to enjoy the spellbinding beauty but also to shop, as it is a famous shopping destination. It is among the most popular places in Manali. You can see a large number of tourists visiting the place, there are several places where you can sit and relax for a while if you feel tired shopping. 

The Mall road is often called the heart of Manali. It is the main spot of this spectacular hill station. The street is buzzing all day with a lot of activity and is not far from all the places that interests you, hence you can book your accommodation at Mall road. Mall Road Manali is lined with several hotels, restaurants, and bars, there are also several emporiums and shops on this street. You can shop shawls, rugs, jewelry, woolen caps, wooden furniture, and books. Mall Road has something for everyone. It also consists of small shopping areas like the Dragon Shopping Complex, Lama Underground, Hong Kong Market, Shangri La Shopping Complex, Thai Market, Snow Lion Underground Market, and New NAC Market. 

The Mall Road is a no vehicle zone where no vehicles are allowed to commute, and also the police headquarters, Municipal Corporation, and fire service offices are situated there. No automobiles are allowed at Mall road but for emergency vehicles, there is an exception on this road. Mall Road Manali has a lot of departmental stores, shops, showrooms, cafes, and restaurants. You can visit the Himachal emporium and purchase some of the best-handcrafted products of Himachal Pradesh. The items include woolen clothes that are locally woven, pottery products, branded clothes, wood items, and ornaments are also found there. That rounds up the 3 main things you can do when you are in Manali - sleep, eat and shop. Mall Road could be a perfect place to start the exploration of Manali. And during the peak summer season. 

On the Mall road Manali next to the Bus depot there is a temple dedicated to goddess Durga. You can visit the temple and pray there. Durga Puja Visarjans are preformed from the Hills of Manali (Himachal Pradesh). With a colorful crowd and Traditional Musical instruments creating a mystical Durga Puja Visarjans. It is a great experience to witness the journey of the Goddess and Her family from the Pandal to the banks of the river Beas.


Mall Road, Manali Timings: 24 hour

Mall Road, Manali Entry Fees: Nil

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