Jagatsukh, Manali

Jagatsukh, Manali

Facts About Jagatsukh:

Jagatsukh is a beautiful village and the capital of the erstwhile state of Kullu, locates 7 kilometers from the city Manali in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This village is famous for its amazing natural landscape and ancient Jagatsukh Temple. The temples here are religiously important and are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Sandhya Devi. Tourists can explore Jagatsukh within a day. However, if someone wants to stay here, so many hotels, resorts, and homestays are also available for this.

Festival of Jagatsukh:

Nestled among the snow-clad mountain peaks and dense natural flora, Jagatsukh is famous for its annual Chacholi Jatra Festival. People who like trekking often start or finish much trekking from here. This place is like a paradise for nature lovers. Tourists who come to visit Shimla must-visit Jagatsukh.

Temple in Jagatsukh:

The Jagatsukh Temple holds immense religious importance in this region dedicated to Lord Shiva. The traditional type of architecture here attracts architecture lovers from all over the country. The natural beauty of the landscape around the temple offers a pleasant atmosphere to the people, making anyone feel the presence of God here. Jagatsukh Temple is one of the most revered sacred sites of Kullu district.

Trek Places near Jagatsukh:

Jagatsukh is the most preferred destination for tourists trekking towards Deo Tibba. Tourists can reach Jagatsukh by public or private transport or trek from Manali. The trek route is covered by the natural landscape, including large grasslands, apple orchards, and cedar trees. There is a climb of about 6000 meters from Jagatsukh to Deo Tibba and runs parallel to the Pir Panjal mountain range up to Siri which was a snowy lake thousands of years ago. It is now an alpine meadow and also a route up to the Tanaya plateau which is about 4000 meters away. The Jagatsukh to Deo Tibba to Manali trek takes a total of 4 to 6 days.

Hot Spring Water:

Kalath, Jagatsukh has a hot spring water and famous attractions near Manali. Tourists can go for a picnic here and spend a few hours watching this hot spring water. Tourists can spend some quality time with their family and friends in this beautiful place.

Best Time to Visit Jagatsukh Manali:

The tourist season starts in October and lasts till June as the weather in this season is pleasant and comfortable for the excursion. Mostly tourists come to visit Manali during winter season from October to February, during this time the region receives moderate to heavy snowfall.

The summer season is March to June great for visiting the village, lush green scenic view, and exploring the mountain view attractions here.

Restaurants near Jagatsukh:

Jagatsukh is a major tourist destination of Manali. It is located a few kilometers from the city due to which you will easily find a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars here. You will easily find food stalls near Jagatsukh to eat. The restaurants in Manali offer some of the delicious food that is being served. Apart from this, you can taste some delicious street food and also the Himachali food is very popular in the region.

How to reach Jagatsukh:

Travelers can reach jagatsukh from manali by jeep, and car or on foot. The distance from manali to Jagatsukh is 7 km and delhi to jagatsuuk is 543 km.

Jagatsukh Temple Timings:

10:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M.

Jagatsukh Temple Entry Fees:


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