Namgyal Monastery in Dharamshala

Namgyal Monastery in Dharamshala

The Namgyal Monastery was established way back in the 16th century. The spiritual leader of Tibet, Dalai Lama has his residence at the Namgyal Monastery in Mcleodganj. And that’s why the Namgyal Monastery is often called as the temple of "Dalai Lama" as the monastery is used personally by the Dalai Lama 14. It is the biggest Tibetan temple in the region. The tranquility and atmosphere that this place offers attract the tourists who have an affinity for this religion. The monastery is also recognized as a respected center of learning, meditation, and contemplation on the massive and profound Buddhist treatises.

It was the Dalai Lama second who laid the foundation of the Namgyal Monastery in the 16th century. The main purpose to set up the Namgyal Monastery is for the monks who helped Dalai Lama in various religious affairs. The monks who lived here in the monastery carried out practices for the well-being of Tibet and worked in the center of learning and meditation on the philosophy of the Buddhist exposition. The monastery is also called as the Namgyal Tantric College and is the house for almost 200 monks. These monks work to protect the traditions, practices, and skills of the monastery. The monks here study languages that include English and Tibetan, along with texts of Tantra and Sutra, sand mandalas, ritual chanting, Buddhist philosophy, and Buddhist dance forms are also included in the study of Buddhism.

Although the exterior part of the Namgyal Monastery is not very royal in its architecture, as you go inside the temple, there is a sense of divine feeling. When you are in the monastery you will feel enriched and also discover the true essence of life. The inside walls of the Namgyal Monastery are adorned with sculptures, paintings, and pictures of Lord Buddha and other Buddhist idols.

The Namgyal Monastery was completed in the year 1564 by Gyalwa Sonam Gyatso who was the 3rd Dalai Lama. In the year 1571, the monastery was named as Namgyal, this name was given to honor the female deity, Namgyalma. After the Tibetan revolt in 1959, the Namgyal monastery was then shifted to Mcleod Ganj where it is there even in today’s times. As per the advice of the present Dalai Lama advice to set up a branch of the Namgyal Monastery in New York and it was in the year 1992 the Namgyal Monastery Institute was established. The students in the Namgyal Monastery undergo a 13-year program after which they will get a degree of Master of Sutra and Tantra. 


Namgyal Monastery, Dharamshala Timings: 5:00 A.M to 8:30 P.M

Namgyal Monastery, Dharamshala Entry Fees: Nil

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