St. John’s Church, Dalhousie

One of the oldest churches you will find in Dalhousie is St John's Church. It not only consists of great religious importance but also has such historic importance. Gandhi Chowk in Dalhousie is where it is located and is one of the more popular spots for those who love photography, due to its steady mix of beauty and history. There is a library in the neighborhood of the church, where numerous books depicting the past and present era of the town are found. The locals, as well as the tourist, attend the Sunday Service that is performed at the St John's Church Dalhousie.

Exemplifying the Victorian era, St John's Church is the last of the remains from the British era in the city of Dalhousie. There are stunning glass paintings inside the church of St John. You will also see the painting of the Baptist and St Peter. 

It is a mystery that the St John’s Church Dalhousie is not very much explored as some of the churches around the world are. The St. John's Church is one the first Churches to have been constructed in the region. The location of the church is right in the midst of lush green landscapes and pine valleys make St John’s Church one of the major tourist attractions in Dalhousie.

The church was a wooden structure earlier and then in the year 1863, a proper structure of the chapel was reconstructed. It was on the arrival of Rev. John H. Pratt in the same year that the idea to build the stone structured church took place. It was he who gave inspiration to the missionaries of the tourist Christian Protestant and built a permanent church building at this place. The architecture of the church was built in the same style as the Roman Catholic Church in England. But St. John's Church Dalhousie belonging to the Protestants community is the only difference. 

The St John’s Church consists of a lot of memories from the British rule in Dalhousie and is an epitome of the Victorian era. This church is a perfect place for the tourist who is nature lovers, historians and artistic minded. 

St John’s Church Dalhousie has no particular season and tourists can visit the place any time around the year. The church is open all 7 days of the week and the day.


St. John’s Church, Dalhousie Timings: 7:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M

St. John’s Church Entry Fees: Nil.

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