Best Time to Visit Dalhousie

Summer Season (March to June):

The best time to visit Dalhousie is the summer season, which starts in March and lasts up to May. The weather is soothing and pleasant and the maximum temperature never exceeds 30° Celsius. Summer is also ideal for activities like nature walks and hiking. The snow starts melting in March and April, and Dalhousie remains only slightly cold during these months.

In May, the temperature starts rising a little before giving way to monsoons. Colorful flowers are found everywhere in Dalhousie during the summer season. During summers, all those places which may have been inaccessible during winters due to heavy snowfall, open up again once the snow melts. The average temperature during summer ranges between 15-30° Celsius. This makes summer the ideal time to be in Dalhousie.

Winter Season (October to February):

Winters in Dalhousie begin from October and last up to February. Dalhousie experiences frigid winters, however, the months of October and November might not be very cold. It is from December that winter truly sets in, with temperatures plummeting to zero degrees. Surrounded by a panorama of lofty, snow-clad peaks and mesmerizing valleys, there is natural beauty everywhere you turn.

February again becomes relatively warmer, beginning the transition to summer. Most travelers find this as the best time to visit Dalhousie India and plan a tip in October and November. They wish to experience the pristine white winters of Dalhousie and take back memories of the occasional snowfall that occurs during this time. The average temperature during this time ranges between 4 - 11°Celsius and may reach a freezing point during the nights or the frequent snowfalls.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

Monsoon in Dalhousie starts from June and lasts up to mid-September. Rainfall is not very heavy, and the weather is quite pleasant, with a carpet of lush greenery covering everything. It is also the best season to visit Dalhousie, especially to admire the natural beauty of the place without having to bear with the extremities of weather. The occasional showers transform the city into a heavenly scape of lush greens and lend a fresh romance to the air.

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