Spice Plantation, Goa

Spice Plantation, Goa

India is popularly known as the Land of Spices . Goa is very famous for different types of spices and its plantations Ponda, in Goa. There is more to do in Goa than just visiting beaches, shacks, and pubs. Spice plantations have become a major tourist attraction in the rural areas of Goa. Spice tour Goa is one of the best things to do in Goa which will give you a break from the sprawling tourist attractions of the city and make you enjoy the natural beauty of rural Goa. It will be a perfect way to appreciate nature and experience an eco-friendly way of living. Most of the popular spice plantations are in the Ponda region of Goa and the entry fee for a spice plantation visit is Rs.400 per person including a traditional Goan lunch.

Spice plantation Ponda, Goa  which offers a guided tour of the spice farms which has become very popular among the tourists. These spice plantations are managed by people who have extensive knowledge of cultivating spices and managing the farms using eco-friendly technologies. Many tourists visit these plantations to relax in the peaceful, serene surroundings, and enjoy the guided spice plantation tour goa with a fresh and delicious traditional lunch. A tour to a spice plantation is not only fun but also very educational. The major spices grown here are cloves, cardamom, vanilla, turmeric, ginger, star anise, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, cumin, and coriander. Apart from these spices, many fruits are also grown here which include mango, papaya, banana, pineapple, pomela, and bimbli.

In the spice farm Goa, along with the tour group guide, there will be around 15-20 people in each group. In most spice farms you will be greeted with a garland and served an herbal tea as a welcome drink. This drink is made using spices and it has medicinal properties then the guide will take you around the plantation, show the various spice plants and explain about the spices and their uses. Cashew is the most popular crop grown in Goa and the guide will show you how the famous Cashew Feni is made. You can even taste it and if you like it you can buy Cashew Feni to take home. The spice plantations do not use any pesticide or other chemical products to treat the plants. Everything grown here is organic and the lunch served in the spice plantation includes the fresh fruits and vegetables grown on the farm. Freshly caught fish and prawns are also cooked and served for lunch. These plantations also have additional fun activities like elephant rides and also giving a bath to an elephant under the guidance of a well-experienced mahout.

Tropical Spice Plantation is a 300-year-old plantation that can be accessed by crossing a gorgeous bridge. One of the special features of this plantation is its coffee plants. This plantation serves as a bird sanctuary as it is home to 75 species of exotic birds. It is one of the most favored spice farms and here you can experience the best spice plantation tour of Goa. Sahakari Spice Farm is more of a commercial tourist destination which is very popular for its fruit trees. One unique spice grown in this farm is vanilla. Here you can partake in additional activities like elephant ride and folk dance.

Pascoal Spice Village has vast cultivation of coconut groves, cashew orchards and betel nut plantations which are grown along with various other spices and fruit trees. This plantation tour includes a visit to the in-house nursery. Nearly 500 species of orchids are found here and the farm also offers cultural shows, boating and water biking. Savoi Spice Plantation is a 200-year-old plantation run by a family. It is in a remote location and gives you a sense of authenticity and essential forest experience. There is also a show of modern Tarzan who climbs palm trees within seconds. There are no elephants here but you will be offered a ten-course meal.

Most spice farms have in-house Ayurveda doctors who will check you and suggest natural medications according to your body type. They also suggest food and food products beneficial for your body. You can also shop spices, natural oils and essential oils from the shops inside the spice plantations. These shops also sell cashew nuts and eco-friendly products made from coconut and bamboo trees. The vegetation, the greenery, the chirping of birds inside the spice plantation Goa offer a breathtaking and unforgettable experience. The splendor of the spice farms will leave a long-lasting impression in your heart. Book your trip tour with Indian Visit to get a glimpse of rural Goa by visiting the spice plantations and also educate yourself about the various spices grown in our country.

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