Solar Souto Maior, Goa

Solar Souto Maior, Goa

Solar de Souto Maior is a famous art gallery in old Goa. If you are fond of antique art, this is a must-visit for you. Solar de Souto Maior Goa is the oldest remaining heritage house in Goa which built-in the early 1580s. This house is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

The house has a great collection of artifacts that take key role in retrieving Goa’s lost past. The structure of the art house extends to two levels, one housing an art gallery and the other a museum shop. The art gallery preserves artifacts and a wide collection of ancient monuments that date back to the 16th Century. On the other hand, the museum is engaged in the shipping of antiques and collectibles, most of which are on sale, from Delhi. The wide range of artifacts in the Solar de Souto Maior Goa includes chandeliers or large decorated lamps, wall hangings, marbled tables, and wooden furniture. You can even witness the pots with calligraphic designs in the gallery. Everything beautiful and artistic has found a place at the Solar de Souto Maior art gallery. The gallery will come on your way if you visit the Old Goa Church Complex. Take the opportunity to explore the collection therein and be a witness to Goa's past.

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