Miramar Beach Goa

Miramar Beach Goa

If you are willing to visit a palm-fringed, soft sandy and serene beach with the view of the blue ocean, then head to Miramar beach Goa. The beach is popular for its easy access from Panaji. You can reach the beach on foot from the capital city at a distance of less than 3 Km. 

The 2 Km long strip of sand offers great opportunity for beach walking with the view of spectacular sea ahead. You can also view the Fort Aguada, one of the most famous forts in Goa, nestling across the river from the beach.

The Miramar Beach North Goa was originally known as ‘Gasper Dias Beach’, named after a prosperous landlord Gasper Dias. For a day of complete relaxation, Miramar Beach is the best option. You can sunbathe on the beach or take a leisurely stroll on the beach, enjoying the beautiful views spread out in front of you. 

Counted among the most beautiful beaches in Goa, Panaji Miramar Beach attracts both families and young people, each looking to enjoy themselves to the fullest. It’s also popular among those want to spend their honeymoon in Goa. It’s great for a morning jog or an evening walk when the rising and setting sun turns the environs crimson.

Miramar Beach Goa location makes it easily accessible to some of the best Restaurants in Goa serving the most delicious food in the vicinity.

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