Margao, Goa

Margao, Goa

Margao, also known as Madgaon is the cultural hub and commercial capital of Goa. Margao Goa is a town boast of Portuguese flavor and old-world charm. This city is one of the oldest settlements with ancient Portuguese churches, picturesque beaches and fine colonial architecture houses with dark rosewood furniture. It attracts tourists from all over the world to showcase its distinctive ancient cultural heritage and conventional customs. Before the Portuguese invaded Margao it was known as Maud-Gao by the locals which means the Market City in Goa.

The Colva Beach in Margao is the longest beach of Goa, the coastline of this alluring beach is 20 km. The white powdery sand of Colva Beach has made it very popular among the tourists. The entire shoreline is lined up with coconut trees swaying rhythmically with the wind. Mobor is the place where Colva Beach ends and River Sal meets the sea. It is famous for majestic sunset views and the unending Arabian Sea meets the distant horizon which reflects the shades of the sky, creating an illusion of the sky and water merging. This beach is dotted with an array of shacks, restaurants, bars, and pubs where you can experience a throbbing nightlife and enjoy beach activities, water sports, and delicious Goan cuisine.

Benaulim Beach is one of the most tranquil beaches of Goa. It is known for its glistening silvery sands that contrast well with the aqua and emerald shades of the Arabian Sea. Majorda Beach is the most crowded beach in Margao with the golden sand and swaying palms alongside the coastline. Margao India has the Goa Chitra Museum exhibiting ancient Portuguese and Goan lifestyle. It has a stunning collection of woodwork, metalwork, weapons, furniture, and religious artifacts. The Archaeological Survey of India has titled it as the topmost contemporary museum.

Sri Damodar Temple, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a very sacred place for Hindus in Margao. The idol in this temple is a very old one and it was taken from the temple which was destroyed by the Portuguese before building the Church of the Holy Spirit. The church was built at the very same place where the temple stood and now the Damodar Temple is on the banks of River Khushawati. This river is believed to have miraculous healing powers to cure several skin diseases. Both Hindus and Christians in Margao pay homage to Lord Damodar.

The Church of the Holy Spirit is the largest church of Margao. The church was built in 1564 by Jesuit missionaries after demolishing the Shiva temple which stood there. It was attacked by Muslim rulers in 1571, then rebuilt 1645 and consecrated in 1675. The facade of the church is plain looking but it has beautiful interiors. It is a fine example of Baroque architecture and the interior of this magnificent church is decorated with gilt crystal and stucco. The Church of the Holy Spirit is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Our Lady of Grace Church, formerly known as Capela de Betalhao, is a military church with classic Italian architecture and colorful murals on the exterior wall. Its uniqueness is the uncommon crucifix of resurrected Jesus Christ. The statue of Christ is draped in a veil without the thorny crown and his arms open wide towards the church. Our Lady of Mercy Church is a colonial church founded in 1630 on top of the Monte Hill. It was also known as Nossa Senhora de Merces. It has a statue of Infant Jesus which is believed to be found in the Mozambique Coast and brought to Goa in 1648. This church is known for the only candlelight midnight Christmas mass in Goa.

Margao City Goa has many colonial-style villas decorating the lanes and reflecting the past. The architecture of these villas is similar to the British structures built in the 17th century. Margao Market is one of the largest and busiest markets in Goa. It is a perfect place for shopping for spices, souvenirs, antiques, pottery, woodwork, and local craft items. Plan a trip to Margao with the best Goa trip packages offered by Indian Visit. Take back beautiful memories of stunning beaches, ancient churches and beautiful villas of Margao.

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