Best Time to Visit Goa

Summer Season (March to June):

The summers in Goa start from March and end in June. Days during this season can be humid and uncomfortable to walk around. It is advisable to apply sunscreen lotion, especially if you are planning to rent a bike. But the summer season has its own good points. We can say for budget travelers, it is the best time to go to Goa because hotels are cheaper. Even the activities are cost-efficient and the bars and shacks are all in your favor. Make sure to wear full sleeves or apply lots of SPF because the temperature can soar up to 37 degree Celsius.

Winter Season (October to February):

Winter months offer a touristy period and the best season to visit Goa. The city receives lots of travelers from across the globe who come to explore Indian paradise. No wonder, the hotel and flights' fare soar to the extreme. But the great part about this is you get to do everything, from watersports to swimming and even hiking to stunning viewpoints. Carnivals are also a major highlight during winters. The best month to visit Goa to attend the Goa Carnival is February.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

The rain can be a blessing to vaporize the heat from the grounds but it may not be the best weather to visit Goa for the adventure lovers. Goa has its own charm during monsoons that drench the state from July to September. The swaying palm trees and clean streets look heavenly but chances are, you may not be able to do many activities. Swimming during the rainy season is prohibited since the ocean current can be moody. But to chill by the beach hotels or your balcony, monsoons can be great.

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