Basilica of Bom Jesus Goa

Basilica of Bom Jesus Goa

Basilica of Bom Jesus or Borea Jezuchi Bajilika is one of the most popular and renowned churches in Goa. This is one of the oldest churches in the world which was built in the 16th century. This 400 year old church in Old Goa has made a mark in the history of Christianity in India. It was the first church in India to be elevated to the status of minor basilica in 1946. This church houses the mortal remains of missionary St. Francis Xavier. Bom Jesus means Infant Jesus and this church is dedicated to the Infant Jesus. This church is a perfect example of Baroque architecture which is a heavily adorned and ornamental form of architecture and it makes the church a real visual treat.

Basilica of Bom Jesus Goa is a three-story structure with a combination of Doric, Corinthian and composite style of architecture from the exterior and it is built of black laterite stone. This is the only church in Goa that has not been plastered on the outside. The facade of the church has a graceful entrance with many windows. It has a triangular roofing on which the Jesuit emblem IHS is carved. The interior of the church is of Mosaic-Corinthian style and it is charmingly done with the ornamental work and precious stones. The floor is of marble and it has a floor to ceiling screen that has the image of St. Ignatius Loyola, Founder of Society of Jesus, protecting the Infant Jesus. There is also an image of Holy Trinity which is the most sacred symbol of Christianity. The altar table is gilded and adorned with the figures of Christ and his apostles at the Last Supper.

Basilica de Bom Jat the Last Sesus has the relics of St. Francis Xavier who is a well-known Saint, a prominent historical figure and the patron saint of Goa. He is a cofounder of the Society of Jesus and a special friend of St. Ignatius Loyola. St. Francis Xavier is believed to have cured many people and performed miracles in Goa and Cochin. On his way to China he died of tropical fever on Shangchuan Island in 1552. Fourteen months after his death his body arrived in Goa. Now the sacred relics of the saint rest in a crystal urn that is encased in a silver casket and kept inside the Basilica De Bom Jesus. Once in ten years the casket is brought down and people are allowed to view the relics of St. Francis Xavier and a feast is celebrated in the memory of the saint.

This magnificent church of stunning Baroque architecture is an important place for Christian pilgrims. The church is rich in art, architecture and history and it is making it a significant tourist destination in Goa. Plan a visit to Basilica de Bom Jesus in Old Goa and for more information and help, contact to Indian Visit.


Basilica of Bom Jesus Entry Fees: Free

Basilica of Bom Jesus Timings: 9.00 A.M to 6.30 P.M on all days of the week except Sunday. On Sunday it is 10.30 A.M to 6.30 P.M.

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