Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach Goa

No doubt, Goa beaches are stunning and wherever you go you will be greeted by a balmy breeze and sandy shore. But if you are looking for some fun, Baga Beach is where you should be headed. This beach is located in the northern part of Goa and it is filled with popular resorts, restaurants and tons of beachside cafes. You won't be disappointed while here because it also has many markets nearby. Baga Beach is bordered by two other famous beaches, Calangute Beach and Anjuna Beach. So there won't be a hassle to hop on and off the beaches. You can find many shacks all around Baga Beach and cafes offering delightful drinks. Baga is filled with tourists all year long, so there is no specific best time to beat the crowd. You can partake in activities and explore some stunning tourist attractions without having to get pushed or shoved. You can find amazing markets, indoor attractions to escape from the sun and more. There are also famous restaurants such as Cafe Mambo and Tito's Bar. These cafes are lively during the night where you can spend fun-filled time.

What to Do and See

Baga Beach has a plethora of things to do and see. Here, water sports are popular offering many activities such as parasailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, kite surfing, jet skiing and more. There are also dolphin spotting cruises and island trips available from the mainland. If you are a shopaholic, you will find markets around every corner. Things such as clothes, jewellery, local hand products and souvenir items are found in plenty. A market which is placed along the beach is the Tibetan Market. The famous Wednesday market also called the Ingo's Night Market is a massive crowd pulling attraction offering many items to buy. There are also many places where you get delicious local and international cuisine as well as bars to party. If you want to experience Goa’s Baga Beach nightlife, then you must visit Tito's Lane which is a favorite area to party. It has the famous cafes Cocktails and Dreams and Cape Town Cafe. If you enjoy the old fashioned live music evenings then Cavala is the place to be visited. In order to devour delicious gourmet with Goan fusion food, the Acron Waterfront hotel is a must-visit. There are also many attractions to see around Baga Beach like the indoor Snow Park. Who says you cannot enjoy the snow in a coastal destination like Goa. The indoor Snow Park offers all the facilities you will find in any skiing destinations. Casino Palms is also a recommended place to enjoy an evening of gambling. 

Where to Stay

Since Baga Beach in Goa is famous and thriving with tourists from across the globe you will find many hotels. Some hotels face the sea, while some towards the city and some facing the tranquil riverside. There are also architecturally transformed buildings from old charming facade turned into lavish boutique resorts. Just outside Tino’s Lane, you can find many resorts and hotels to lay your head. There are many hotels few minutes away from the popular party lane offering lovely cottages within walking distance of the beach. There are many boutique hotels by the riverside providing an oasis of tranquility away from the crowd. Apart from the affluent hotels, Baga Beach has many budget accommodations as well. You can find many hotels providing facilities like swimming pools and also wellness center. 

When to Visit

Goa is warm and pleasant throughout the year, and a sunbathing session is inevitable. But the best time to visit Goa is during winter months from October to March. You can enjoy the weather during these months since it remains pleasant and dry. Also, many water activities remain open and functional for you since the sea remains calm. Although the day may remain warm and nice, the nights may get a little chilly with temperatures dropping below 20 degrees Celsius. But if you want to beat the crowd, then off seasons are the best time to visit from April to August. Goa during summers is extremely hot but this sole reason will offer you plenty of space for yourself. Also, the monsoons will shower down the prices of hotels and flights to Goa. So this is the perfect time for budget travelers to visit Goa.

How to Reach

Goa is a favorite destination amongst Indians and it also attracts many international travellers visiting India. Goa is conveniently connected to almost all major parts of India via rail network, roadways and airways. This coastal destination is also internationally connected to some airports outside India. The major railway in Goa is Vasco Da Gama and Madgaon however, the closest railway to Baga is Thivim. You will have to pay an additional fare to a taxi to drive you to Baga from Thivim. The price of a pre-paid taxi may be more expensive if you are coming from Goa's Dabolim Airport. It is located 50 kilometers from Baga Beach in Goa.

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