Goa Travel Guide

Goa is a wonderful beach destination in India and a trip to Goa is always cherished by the travelers. The small state stretches along the Arabian Sea featuring palm-fringed beaches, seafood and tranquil water making the place a paradise.The blend of Portuguese and Indian culture in Goa makes the state so charming that whoever visit Goa finds something unique to enjoy. Being a Portuguese colony till 1961, Goa is spotted with many 17th-century churchesand architectural marvels. This picturesque destination has sandy beaches where you can bask in the sunshine while enjoying Vindaloo, a delicious dish available in Goa.

The entire coastline is one long picture-perfect land stringing from the tip of Maharashtra to Karnataka. Your Goa tour guide will explain to you all the attractions you can explore here. You can spend your leisure time on a swing viewing the high waves of the roaring sea. You can wade or splash in the seawater on a hot summer afternoon. The northern end of Goa has stunning waterfalls to see with enchanting mountain covered with the dense forest. Here, the biggest draw is undoubtedly the historic sites and the intense parties that your Goa travel guide definitely includes. Plus, their local drink ‘fanny’ along with pocket-friendly beers are some added draws for the young tourists.

If you are wondering where to go in Goa for an exciting tour, your feet are bound to head towards the hippie trail. Visit extremely secluded beaches, enjoy nightlong parties and walk along the narrow street filled with colorful shops. While the northern part of Goa is thriving with many historical attractions, hotels, and bars, the southern end of the state is less crowded and dotted with private villas and calm ambiance. Your Goa India travel includes some of the famous churches and heritage sites.  In north Goa, you can visit the iconic Basilica of Bom Jesus where the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier are kept. Basilica of Bom Jesus is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Goa.

Your Goa destination guide may allow you to explore the coastal fronts but there’s more to it than just relaxing on the beaches. Goa has nine rivers that flow out from the Western Ghats and merge with the Arabian Sea. The staggering palm trees along the riverfront present a stunning sight to behold. Here you can indulge in activities such as cruising and canoeing that are extremely popular among the tourists. Besides rowing and relaxing on the riverfront, Goa has many hiking spots for those who love adventure. Goa is a perfect tourist place for all type of travelers. We will help you withan authentic Goa information once you plan your trip.

Sightseeing and Things To Do in Goa

Best Time to Visit Goa

The best time to visit Goa is during the winter months but for a travel enthusiast, every time is a great time to travel. It is always fun to head out and explore different cities, villages and attractions in Goa in different seasons. However, every season holds something special. So, it is always advisable to check the weather before you plan to travel to a place. We have listed down the best time to travel to Goa below.

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How To Reach Goa

Goa is an immensely popular destination among travelers of all age groups. Every year, people from across the globe visit this once Portuguese colonized land in India. This coastal city has so many attractions to offer, from golden sand to secluded beaches and waves to wade your feet. Goa never fails to impress people.

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