Discover Adventure with Things to do in Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park is one of India’s most visited wildlife destinations for tiger sightings. The tiger reserve is located in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district and attracts wildlife lovers, photography enthusiasts, and nature admirers worldwide. From wild experiences to exciting adventures and cultural activities, Tadoba is an iconic destination for everyone.

Enjoying a holiday in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve allows you to paint your memories with vibrant experiences. Tadoba National Park has a refreshing environment for birdwatching, safari, village tours, and fun activities. Here is the list of unmissable activities in Tadoba Tiger Reserve that cater to travel preferences.

Here is the List of 10 Top Things to do in Tadoba National Park 

  • Jeep Safari
  • Boat Ride in Irai Lake
  • Night Safari
  • Birdwatching
  • Get insights into tribal culture
  • Seek blessings at Ramdegi Temple
  • Visit Butterfly Garden
  • Keep an eye on wild creatures from Machan Watch Tower
  • Nature Walk
  • Take a Village Tour

Jeep Safari 

A jeep safari in Tadoba offers the beauty of nature and the thrill of wilderness. It is one of the most adventurous things to do in Tadoba, and it gives you a dose of adrenaline. During your jeep safari, you can see tigers, leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears, and many other fauna groups in this forest.

Tadoba Jeep Safari is accompanied by an experienced tour guide who will give insight into the jungle to make your wildlife holiday delightful. You can enjoy your safari tour from different entry gates of Tadoba, including Moharli, Khutwanda, Kolara, NaveGoan Pangdi, and Zari.

A jeep is one of the preferable modes of enjoying the Jungle safari in Tadoba, where you can observe the unique landscapes and mother nature at their best. Exploring the depth of the jungle with a jeep safari is the finest way to witness the charm of this park.

Boat Ride in Irai Lake

A boat ride on the backwaters of Irai Lake is ideal for birdwatching and photography. The Boating Club is located approximately 4 km from Moharli Gate in Sitarampet. The forest department offers an eco-friendly activity in Tadoba National Park in the summer and winter. However, the boat service is closed during monsoons as the water flow is inappropriate for enjoying this activity.

During your boat ride in Irai Lake of Tadoba, you can spot Crosted Pochards, Grey Herons, Stork-Billed Kingfishers, Cotton Geese, and many more. You can also spot numerous migratory birds while enjoying boating. You will get battery-operated boats with a GPS tracker that allows you to sail on the water of buffer zones of the reserve.

Night Safari 

Night Safari is one of the most adventurous things in Tadoba National Park. Enjoy this safari in the park’s buffer zone from Junona Gate. You can enjoy an incredible experience after sunset, around 3-4 hours. The jungle’s nightlife will give you an intense thrill, and you can spot leopards and tigers. Warm clothing and prior booking for a night safari in Tadoba are required.

The jungle’s darkness has enough potential to make your visit compelling with numerous wow factors. From getting the sights of wild animals to feeling the vibe of the thrill is something that makes every second treasurable. This type of safari is the latest addition from the forest department, and an expert guide will accompany you on this journey.


Observing the birdlife while enjoying a jungle tour in Tadoba is a fantastic thing to do. Tadoba Lake and Kolsa River pass through the reserve and are considered the most beautiful places to enjoy birdwatching. There are multiple ways to enjoy birdwatching in this tiger reserve. From nature walks to jeep safaris, you can see numerous bird species.

Tadoba National Park has around 200 species of birds, and the lake is one of the best hotspots to observe them. While enjoying the birds, you can spot alligators and sloth bears around the lake. This jungle is home to White-eyed buzzards, Oriental honey buzzards, paradise flycatchers, Indian rollers, and Indian pittas. You can enjoy a walk in some areas to witness the birds.

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Get Insights into Tribal Culture

Once you have seen the wild creatures in the jungle, embark on a tour around the villages. The trip will lead you to the communities’ regional culture and traditions near this national park’s buffer zone. In Tadoba’s tribal hamlets, you can explore the Gonds, Kolams, and Korkus tribes. Moreover, you can visit their houses and learn about their lifestyle, adding a new experience to your holiday.

Most tribals are skilled artisans and craftsmen who make incredible handicrafts from bamboo. Thus, outstanding pieces of bamboo art, furnishings, swinging, bundles, or picture frames are some products you can see in the tribes. Overall, visiting regional tribes around the park improves the outcome of different cultures and traditions.

Seek blessings at Ramdegi Temple

Visiting a temple on your wildlife tour will add a touch of tranquility. It is a charming temple located in the Chimur Taluka of Chandrapur. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama and is settled near Ramdegi forest. While visiting this temple, you can witness the lush and verdant fields that are a treat for your eyes. In addition, the high population of sloth bears increases the chances of getting a wildlife touch on this visit.

People believe it is one of the places where the Lord stayed during the 14 years of exile. Moreover, the temple’s Pujaris (priests) can tell fascinating stories linked to ancient history. You can also enjoy a picnic around the temple to have a good time and create lasting memories.

Visit Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden is near the Agarzari Gate of Tadoba National Park and attracts many tourists. It is an open-air butterfly garden, and an information center has been opened to give visitors a better outlook. Around 111 butterflies fit into this national park’s five families. The garden has 43 unrecorded species and 41 Nymphalidae species, with ten new records.

The Butterfly Garden in Tadoba National Park is an excellent place for kids to learn about a butterfly’s life and add a unique experience to your tour. There is no second thought that this garden has a variety of attractions that will soothe your mind in many ways. This tourist place has several host & nectar plants to attract local species of butterflies. In short, visiting this garden is one of the fun things to do in Tadoba National Park.

Keep an Eye on Wild Creatures from Machan Watch Tower

The Machan Watch Tower is one of the top things you should not miss in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. It is a new eco-tourism experience that will be adventurous and exciting. From the top of this tower, you can spot wildlife creatures and admire the unique landscapes of the forest. In addition, Mohurli and Palasgaon mountains have machans where people can sit and observe the view from a height.

You will also get a guide to make your observation experience more impressive as you will get in-depth knowledge and a picturesque view. You can bring your food to enjoy your stay in Machans. However, it would help if you did not forget to bring your cameras and binoculars to enhance your experience.

Nature Walk

There are many ways to explore the natural beauty of Tadoba National Park, and the nature walk is one of the most interesting. The buffer zone of this forest near the Moharli Gate has a 7-km-long nature route. You can walk or ride a motorcycle through the path. Enjoying nature walks in Tadoba allows you to experience the fresh wind and listen to the musical chirping of birds around you.

The bike route provides environmentally friendly tourism and exciting opportunities to enjoy fun-loving rides. Apart from that, you will reconnect with nature and feel the refreshing environment by spending time here. A cycle track near Irai Lakeist is perfect for observing freshwater creatures. You can enjoy cycling in and halt near the lake to observe the natural beauty.

Motorcycle rides are available in the morning and evening. Therefore, choosing your ideal time to explore the wildlife and enjoy this fun ride is better. Tadoba National Park offers various fun-filled activities that are connected to nature and thrills. This buffer zone is an ideal hotspot to get to the same place.

Take a Village Tour

Tadoba National Park is surrounded by charming villages that are easily accessible by road. You can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach the town and spend some time there. Hinganghat is one of the iconic tourist places near Tadoba that you can visit in a day and return to your resort? It is around 88 km from the park and will take approximately 2 hours. The road condition is the finest and gives you a better view of the surroundings.

After reaching there, you will witness the beautiful Vana River flowing on opposite wings of this village, located in the lush valleys of Wardha. The town is famous for its Hing (asafoetida) and cotton industry. You will also explore some significant tourist attractions in this village.

On your village tour, you must visit Amba Temple, Shahlangdi Hanuman Temple, and Shri Gajanan Maharaj Samadhi Temple. You can also enjoy the local cuisine and learn about the village’s lifestyle, making your vacation remarkable.


You can indulge in multiple activities for a memorable time at Tadoba National Park. You can enjoy the wildlife tour as you desire and add unique adventure elements throughout your tour. The things mentioned above are all must-do activities you can want to make your wildlife holiday more enjoyable. You can add any action to your customizable wildlife tour packages with Indian Visit. We provide unbeatable deals on Tadoba wildlife tours that include facilities for meals, stays, sightseeing tours, and private transfers. So, without any delay, contact us and delve into the charm of nature.

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