Adventurous Things To Do In Nagarhole National Park

If you visit Nagarhole National Park, we have the perfect list of the best things to do there. From tiger spotting to boating, it contains everything you need to make your wildlife tour more exciting.

One of the best national parks in South India, Nagarhole National Park is best explored on a safari. Spotting wild animals in their natural habitat without harming nature is a rewarding experience. So make the most of your wildlife trip to Nagarhole as you trek around the dense forests, watching the stunning streams cascading down the hills.

The quietness of the jungle will let you hear the birds chirping clearly, and watching Dholes hunt for food will be a lifetime experience. You can also plan a sleepover in the wild at a homestay and experience the jungle at night. Boating, caving, etc., are popular activities in Nagarhole National Park that engage kids and adults.

Also, Nagarhole National Park offers breathtaking locales in Coorg, housing 250 species of birds and other creatures. You can take pictures for your collection and see them later to remember your wonderful time.

So, without further delay, go through the list of the best things to do in Nagarhole National Park for a memorable wildlife tour.

Here Is A List Of The Top Things To Do In Nagarhole National Park

Enjoy A Safari Through Deep Forests

There is a large and diverse variety of flora and fauna in Nagarhole National Park. This famous tiger reserve offers jeep safari tours in the core and buffer zones to witness the wild animals and colorful birds in their natural habitat. You can either take a morning jeep safari or an evening jeep safari. Their open roof lets you easily marvel at the beautiful birds and animals.

Kabini River Lodge by the Karnataka Government handles jeep and canter truck safaris. If you plan to stay in Kabini River Lodge during your tour in Nagarhole, the price will include a jeep safari. The Forest Department also books tickets inside the national park, which is open 30 minutes before the safari commences. So, make sure to be on time.

Watch The Colorful Birds On A Birdwatching Tour

Watching birds soaring in the sky is one of the best things to do in Nagarhole National Park. Those who love bird watching will be in for a treat, as this national park has hundreds of resident and migratory bird species. Nagarhole National Park is covered with rosewood and teak forests, providing bird shelter. The abundant flora population also allows the birds to thrive.

In addition, this national park has about 270 species of birds, including Asian white ibis, blue-winged parakeet, Malabar grey hornbill, Nilgiri wood pigeon, and more. Some of the best places to spot birds are near Kabini River, the east Nagarhole park sector, an early morning coracle ride, and a safari from Kutta Zone. The best time for birdwatching at Nagarhole National Park is between October and March.

Trek Through The Lush Forests and Clear Lakes

If you are an adventure enthusiast, trekking is among the top activities in Nagarhole National Park. After the jeep safari, most wildlife lovers opt for trekking tours in Nagarhole National Park, which is also relatively easy. Nagarhole is called a trekkers’ paradise due to the beautiful trekking trails that take you through lush green forests, crystal clear lakes, and pristine waterfalls.

The national park is segmented into north, west, central, and southeast. The main trekking path is in the north, bounded by the Kabini River and winding streams in the west. You will likely spot diverse wildlife like monkeys and elephants on this trek. Brahmagiri Trek is one of the most picturesque treks, starting at Iruppu Falls. But for that, you must first get permission from the Forest Department.

Experience Night Camping At Nagarhole

Enjoy night camping, one of the most preferred activities in Nagarhole National Park. It is allowed at designated regions in the park’s buffer zone. However, you cannot camp in the core zones without prior permission from the Forest Department, as it is an illegal offense and can be pretty dangerous.

Some resorts in Nagarhole National Park offer camping facilities with bonfires closer to the forest region and snacks for a memorable camping experience. Bison is one of the boutique tented camps that provides luxury and adventure. It is also the first of its kind in India. The Peepal Tree Kabini, located on the magnificent Kabini backwater, is another place to enjoy night camping in Nagarhole.

Opt For Boat Safari On Kabini Reservoir

Enjoy a boat safari on Kabini Reservoir, which fills up with water after the monsoon or winter season. This is also the best time to spot waterfowl. Many tourists who visit this national park opt for boat safaris on the reservoirs, enjoying the peace and nature. For the best experience, choose a sunset boat safari or coracle ride, which allows you to spot numerous peculiar birds.

One of the best things to do in Nagarhole National Park is boating on the Kabini reservoir, which was formed after a dam was built on the Kabini River. The lake flooded the banks. Thus, you can see a woody tree with various birds in the middle of the lake. You can spot crocodiles, water birds, elephant herds, bison, and deer. You might spot a tiger taking a drink.

Feel The Thrill Of River Rafting

One of the most adventurous things in Nagarhole National Park is rafting on the Kabini River. Many service providers offer rafting sessions, and the activity’s thrill depends on the river’s water flow. To enjoy river rafting at its best, visit the national park during the post-monsoon or early winter season. Night camping can be enjoyed near the river.

In addition, Kabini is famous for its diverse wildlife. So many animals, like herds of elephants, are a common sight. So, while river rafting, you can spot animals and birds. Also, it does not matter if you are a novice, semi-pro, or professional; instructors will guide you throughout.

Enjoy A Unique Experience Of Caving

About 24 km from Nagarhole National Park, Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is another ideal place for wildlife enthusiasts. This bird sanctuary is located in Tholpetty in Kerala, close to the border with Karnataka. It is famous for its natural beauty and caves, and numerous caves have legends associated with them.

According to one tale, saints used these caves to meditate. You can explore them, and if you plan a winter visit, birdwatching is another activity to enjoy. Also, check out Kuruva Dweep on the Kabini River for the seasonal breeding trip.

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Capture The Beauty Of Nagarhole Through Your Lens

Nagarhole is so beautiful that it will inspire you to take out your camera and capture it. Along with Nagarhole, Kabini reservoirs and the nearby regions are also famed for wildlife photography. To click a tiger, you must plan a trip to Nagarhole during summer. It is the best time as the shunted grass grows, giving you better visibility to locate predatory animals.

At Nagargole, carnivores like deer, dholes, elephants, and birds can easily be spotted in the densely forested area. So you have to be camera-ready. But it would be best if you had a lot of patience to sit through and wait for the right time, or it can get dangerous.

Walk Through The Lush Plantations 

Experience the natural beauty at its best while you walk through the lush plantations at Nagarhole National Park. Besides fauna, this national park and its areas have many coffee and fruit plantations. If you wish to spend time here or are a coffee lover, visiting plantations is among the exciting things to do in Nagarhole National Park.

Couples can enjoy a romantic walk, exploring the plantations during misty mornings. Many resorts are located amidst these plantations, which enhances the stay experience. So choose a plantation tour or stay in one if you wish to be closer to nature.

With this list of top things to do in the Nagarhole National Park, it is time to book a tour package with Indian Visit. Our tours have meals, transfers, stays, and guided tours, making these activities more enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Connect with our travel experts today and start exploring and partaking in the wildlife tour of India for a lifetime experience.

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