Top Activities in Manas National Park for Wildlife Thrill and Serenity

Exploring the rich biodiversity is just one aspect of the Manas National Park exploration. Several activities to be a part of this national park keep you engaged. Visiting tribal villages, admiring the landscape, and learning about its unique history are exciting things to do in Manas National Park. But, of course, nature lovers and wildlife photographers have long been flocking to the place in large numbers, given the exotic and diverse wildlife. Interestingly, the park is a tiger reserve, elephant reserve, biosphere reserve, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This gem of North East is located at the foothills of the Himalayas and is a gift of nature. You can find the most thrilling adventures in Manas National Park. From safari rides to enjoying birdwatching, this park has supremacy in combining thrill, history, and natural beauty! And this combination brings a lot of things to see and experience in Manas National Park. So, apart from the safari game and birdwatching, check out the other things you can enjoy here.

Here is the list of Top Things to do in Manas National Park

  • Explore Jungle with Jeep Safari
  • Enjoy Elephant Back Safari
  • Get a Delightful Experience of Birdwatching
  • Taste the Thrill of Adventure with Rafting
  • Embark on a Tribal Tour
  • Explore Tea Plantation
  • Get Insight into the Nature of Vegetation
  • Have Assam Cuisine

Explore Jungle with Jeep Safari 

A tour of a national wildlife park seems complete with a safari ride in a Jeep, as there is no doubt that taking a Jeep safari to explore deep in the wild is one of the most thrilling experiences you can have. You can enjoy a jeep safari in Manas National Park and enjoy the sighting of rare and endangered flora and fauna. Through this ride, you will get the opportunity to enjoy close encounters with animals in Manas National Park. On your safari drive, you can spot Assam-roofed turtles, Asian elephants, tigers, rhinos, water buffalo, and clouded leopards.

Jeep safaris operate in morning and afternoon shifts and cover different forest ranges. The morning drive starts around 9:00 a.m. and ends at 12:00 p.m., and the second drive lasts from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Tip: If you want to enjoy an excellent wildlife experience, it is better to be patient, lower your expectations for spotting animals, and focus on enjoying the jungle vibe. It is also advised to enjoy two rides at least to get a better experience of animal sightings through jeep safari.

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Enjoy Elephant Back Safari 

Elephant Safari in Manas National Park is one of the most exciting ways to explore wildlife. It will take you to jungle areas where Jeeps are not allowed or accessible due to the rugged landscape. Therefore, an Elephant-Back Safari can lend various perspectives of the park and provide a broad spectrum of animal sightings. You can spot different animals, including Leopards, Himalayan Bears, Wild Boars, Sambars, Swamp Deer, and many more.

Tip: Book your elephant safari for the morning shift, as you can spot numerous species of birds.

Get a Delightful Experience of Birdwatching

Manas National Park is blessed with stunning biodiversity and is home to around 400 species of birds. Enjoying birdwatching is one of the best things to do in Manas National Park, and you must add it to your travel experiences. The chirping of the birds that fill the atmosphere is a treat for every birdwatcher. So whether you enjoy your safari or stay at the Manas resort, you will have chances to spot numerous species of birds. However, for the best birdwatching experience, a safari ride and exploring the jungle on a morning safari is good. Manas is widely popular because of the high population of Bengal Florican, one of the endangered species of birds.

You can also encounter various birds, including the Great Hornbill, Great Adjutant, Black-tailed Crake, Swamp Francolin, and Rufous-necked Hornbill. In short, you can spend hours watching the birds in full action, like flying, playing, and feeding their baby birds.

Tip: A good quality binocular is a must-have for a beautiful birdwatching experience in Manas National Park.

Taste the Thrill of Adventure with Rafting 

Adventure has no limits in Manas National Park, and rafting is one of the best adventurous activities you can do there. Every moment that you spend boating in Manas gives you unforgettable memories. This water ride is dedicated to giving you an adrenaline rush into your body and letting you catch the best sights aroManas’s. River ManasslowManas’sugh slowManas’sugh this lush forest, enabling you to enjoy the best rafting experience.

This adventurous ride is an activity that you should take advantage of on your tour of Manas National Park. The deep, azure water, greenery around you, and a sense of thrill and tranquility are some elements that make this activity more enthralling for brave-hearted tourists. In short, a rafting ride gives you a lifetime experience and a different perspective to feel the wilderness.

Tip: Usually, the resort departments arrange the river rafting, and it is advised to inform them a couple of days before the day you engage in the activity.

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Embark on a Tribal Tour

After getting the jungle vibe through multiple ways, tour tribal villages for a unique experience. Manas National Park offers many must-do activities in adventure, nature, and wildlife segments. However, exploring the tribal village premises of the national park gives you a bundle of unique experiences. You can visit the Bodo Villages and discover various Tribal Communities, including Ragu Bil and Ghatigaon. These tribes live in harmony in nearby villages. Visiting here will give you a chance to have an insightful experience of tribal culture, lifestyle, and beliefs.

Moreover, you can enjoy the music and dance sessions and even participate in them to make your trip memorable. In short, a visit will give you a treasure trove of new learning that glorifies your tour in many ways. You can interact with them and learn more about the wildlife of Manas National Park, which will astound you.

Tip: Respecting the culture and following the tradition while exploring the village is necessary for a better experience.

Explore Tea Plantation 

The connection between various elements of nature and Manas is as strong as between tea and Assam. You can find plenty of ways to discover nature at Manas Sanctuary. But strolling in the lush green tea garden is the ideal choice to get a first-hand Assam and Tea experience. Every trip to Assam seems complete with discovering the lush tea plantations. The best thing about your Manas tour is that you can visit the tea plantation, which is situated outside the national park premises.

In addition, you can visit Fatamabad Tea Estate, located near the Bansbari Lodge. This beautiful green garden is worth a tour to enjoy the breathtaking views. The fragrance of tea, greenery, and workers who do their job make your trip worth a visit.

Tip: You should experience a cup of tea from this region. Remember to take some with you back home.

Get Insight into the Nature of Vegetation 

The scope of things to do in Manas National Park has something for all curious minds. This national park is the best if you are interested in bioscience and looking for fun. You can enjoy a tour of a case study that lets you dig into the different kinds of vegetation the national park offers. Manas Sanctuary is also a biosphere reserve and a part of the Brahmaputra Valley Biogeographic Province. Therefore, the park allows you to plunge into the important biomes for an informative tour. This tour teaches you about the forest biome and grassland biome.

The national park comprises four varieties of vegetation covering 50% of the land. East Himalayan mixed Moist and Dry Deciduous forests, Low Alluvial Savanna Woodland, Assam Valley Semi-Evergreen Alluvial Grasslands, and Sub-Himalayan Light Alluvial Semi-Evergreen forests are four types of vegetation. You will find around a hundred species of plants by taking a vegetation tour.

Tip: Carrying a notebook, pen, and camera are essential to improve this tour.

Have Assam Cuisine 

Food lovers would tell you you can only come to Assam and try the popular Assam cuisines. The restaurants and eating facilities inside the National Park are limited but delicious. You can visit Manas Maozigendri Ecotourism camps to have some lip-smacking Assam cuisine. These camps offer various foods, and the menu covers rice, vegetables, pork, and chicken. Interacting with the Bodo tribes can be a great experience on your wildlife tour.

The people of tribes offer you a taste of their delectable cuisine. While having food, you can enjoy the music and dance that lets you gel with the authentic vibe of the tribe. Devouring the fantastic local food is also an excellent option to include in the list of best activities in Manas National Park.

Tip: If you like to drink, you can try a unique line, ‘Zu-Ma, i’ (rice wine), ‘which is supposed to be one of the best in Assam.

Final Words

Manas has the same number of letters as Amaze, and it can’t be a coincidence since the national park is nothing less than amazing, to say the least! The above enthralling activities make your wildlife tour a limitless experience you will never forget. Book the best Manas Wildlife Package from Indian Visit. We offer the best deals on wildlife tour packages for Manas that you can customize to your preferences. Enquire now!

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