Experience Wilderness Beyond Wheels in Kanha National Park

Experience Wilderness Beyond Wheels in Kanha National Park

Kanha Tiger Reserve, known as Kanha National Park, is one of India’s most exciting wildlife destinations. Being the biggest national park in Madhya Pradesh, it has a wide diversity of avifauna in addition to giant wild cats like leopards and barasinghas. When visiting Madhya Pradesh, Kanha is an excellent destination to satiate your desire for an exciting jungle vacation. It offers a variety of activities that give you an exhilarating experience amidst abundant wildlife. The Royal Bengal Tiger, sloth bear, leopard, Indian Wild Dog, and Barasingha have significant park populations.

Additionally, Rudyard Kipling drew inspiration for his timeless masterpiece, The Jungle Book, from the lush, verdant forests of sal and bamboo, green meadows, and gorges or ravines in the Kanha Mountains. Kanha National Park, one of Asia’s most beautiful wildlife reserves, protects various endangered species.

In addition to the broad meadows, the reserve’s most notable characteristics include the blackbuck, sambhar, chital, and swamp deer. Also, there are many sights and activities to enjoy in and around Kanha National Park. Below is the list of famous things to do in Kanha National Park. So, dive into discovery and include these fun-filled activities on your bucket list for a great jungle tour.

Try a Jeep Safari in Kanha National Park

One of the great ways to experience the diverse fauna and dense forests of Kanha National Park is on a jeep safari. This ride will take you into the heart of the jungle on predetermined routes in the mornings and afternoons. Additionally, you will be accompanied by a certified guide. However, private vehicles are not permitted inside the park.

Thus, the jungle safari is only available with vehicles registered with the park administration. Since only a certain number of safaris are available in each zone at a particular moment, reserving them well in advance (up to 120 days) is advised. There are 40 vehicles permitted to enter the Mukki Zone each morning and evening. There is enough room for up to six passengers per jeep.

As you explore the lush forest of Kanha National Park, you can see the fluffy wild cats, gaurs, fiery black deer, and many more species. Wear neutral colors for the safari, and drive slowly in an open jeep to blend in with the surroundings.

Enveloped by the beauty of the sunset at Bamni Dadar

The most stunning spot in the park, Bamani Dadar in Kanha, also known as Sunset Point, gives fantastic views of the setting sun. Kanha is a popular travel destination for wildlife and nature enthusiasts worldwide.

At Bamni Dadar in Kanha, the Kanha Tiger Reserve is the most picturesque. Bamni Dadar, the sanctuary’s highest point, provides breathtaking views over the park’s western side. In Kanha, Madhya Pradesh, the forest is luxuriously dense, and various animals may be seen close to Bamni Dadar. Also, it’s not unusual to see barking deer, sambar, gaur, and four-horned antelope, among other wildlife, at Bamni Dadar.

The most dazzling views of the sunset over-grazing sambars and gaurs may be found in Bamni Dadar. The balcony view of endless folds of lush trees galloping away in the distance is delightful. The best site to see Kanha’s enormous gaur (Indian bison), which can occasionally weigh more than a tonne, and the dhole is Bamni Dadar, Kanha (Indian wild dog).

Buy Local Crafts with Premium Quality

Haats, or tribal markets, may be found across the settlements near the park’s southern edge. Traders roam between the villages on various days of the week to ensure visitors can always find them and enjoy the many treats they offer. These marketplaces are held in tribal settlements close to the Mukhi or Kisli Park entrances, providing buyers with a colorful backdrop and lively atmosphere.

Admire the exquisitely made traditional handicrafts and choose lovely souvenirs and keepsakes to bring home. Try out new trends and dress up in vibrant, ethical attire. You may make your way through displays of colorful toys, helpful kitchen equipment, make-up, and textured textiles through a bustling area where people are doing business, haggling, and bargaining.

This is a great chance to interact with the community and see how they live as they do their daily tasks and rituals. Shopping for vegetables, selecting dinner ingredients, and buying new clothes are all commonplace activities in the community, and you’ll discover that slipping into the rhythm is surprisingly simple. Enjoy your shopping!

Explore the Wildlife Culture at the Kanha Museum

The best way to define the Kanha Museum is as a place that attracts visitors interested in animal history and a passion for photography. You will encounter the exquisitely sculpted structures of the species as you move through the gallery, which will undoubtedly give you the desired effect. The museum displays pictures and information on every little aspect of the fight to preserve flora and fauna, the creation of the National Park, and topographic data. The museum, which is lovingly cared for by the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department, adds to the splendor of the National Park.

Experience the Kawardha Palace’s Beauty

The stunning Kawardha Palace in Chhattisgarh, close to Raipur, is made even more beautiful by the yellow lights and glistening sky from twilight till dawn. The white beauty is worth the extra miles, even though it is 91.6 kilometers from the national park.

The Royal Kawardha family owns the palace, constructed in 1930 and surrounded by 11 acres of lush vegetation. Tourists are drawn to the palace by its alluring design, intricate details, and the towering Darbar Hall, which has a beautiful dome where most visitors unwind, ideally in winter. In addition to this, there are setups for a bar, a lounge, and a library where you may enjoy the luxurious amenities.

Trekking in Kanha National Park

The Khatia Trail Walk lasts about two hours in the park’s Khatia Buffer Zone. For this trek, a permit must be obtained from the Forest Service. At Khatia Gate, Pugdundee Safari vehicles drop you off. This hike, which a local forest department guide can take, may result in a chance to encounter spotted deer, sambhars, or other animals. Take in the strange vistas of the surrounding flora and fauna during this tour. Enjoy the benefits of seeing birds, butterflies flying from bush to bush, and even rare reptiles.

Delightful Sightseeing Tour of Jabalpur

Jabalpur is well known for the exquisitely crafted 76-foot-tall statue of Lord Shiva and Nandi Maharaj’s car parked directly in front of the statue. One of the oldest heritage sites in India, and another temple honoring Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, is Chausath Yogini Temple. The temple includes 64 shrines arranged in a circle and sculpted on a hilltop in the tenth century. One of the fastest-growing cities in the world, Narmada is well-known for its cuisine, places of worship, and tourist attractions. Worshipers worldwide take advantage of the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Kachnar Temple’s aarti.

The Gwarighat Gurudwara is another sight-saving structure. It is located on the river’s south side. In addition, the most popular attractions in Jabalpur are the Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar Falls at Bhedaghat. The Dhuandhar Falls, located just 98 feet above, is also known as the Smoke Cascade because the tourists experience a smoky view as the water cascades down on the hard rocks.

The Bargi Dam, one of the first dams constructed over 16 years, is located about 40 kilometers south. In addition to being utilized for water and power generation, irrigation, and other purposes, the dam’s backwaters create a sizable lake that is currently the site of activities like water scootering, cruises, boating, and a resort that has been constructed with all the necessary amenities.

Spot Some Eye-Catching Birds

The tiniest to large wildlife are housed in Kanha National Park. Observe the delicate wings of scavengers like vultures and water birds like herons, storks, teals, kites, and eagles that belong in the category of birds of prey. The avifauna differs due to the park’s four distinct sections. You might not see the same birds you did since they have the freedom to soar high, but if you’re lucky, you might see up to 60 to 70 birds because the national park has such a wide variety of these gliders. Every year,, from November to May, Kanha is visited by many wildlife photographers since that is the optimum time to take clear images of the area.

Enjoy the Blend of Nature and Architecture in Mandla

Mandla is known for its imposing forts, animals, calm temples, and curative springs. Watch the water going past the Rangrez Ghat and Rapta Ghat and into the Narmada River as it travels through limestone, magnesium, and basalt rock. The city is blessed with breathtaking beauty and abundant vegetation. Sahastradhara is a well-known tourist spot in Mandla because it boasts an ancient Shiva temple amid the river. If you continue driving for another 18 kilometers, you will come across the Garam Pani Kund, a water spring with mystical healing properties rich in sulfur.

Immerse into Amarkantak’s Rustic Beauty

Amarkantak, often called the Teerthraj is a mysterious place with a definite religious vibe that purifies your heart. To your surprise, the lush foliage surrounding Amarkantak includes a vast range of medicinal herbs because the Narmada originates from here. The Dudh Dhara Waterfalls with milky white water make this holy land famous.

This waterfall runs freely from a height of 10 feet and is a sight to catch in the wet season. It was nurtured on the western side of Amarkantak Valley. In addition, the Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple and the Narmada Udgam Temple, one of the oldest temples from the Kalachuri period, may also calm your senses here. The temples on the banks of the Narmada River are famous for their outstanding architecture.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Kanha National Park. Indian Visit provides the best wildlife trip packages that meet all your requirements and fall within your desired price range. Avail of well-curated holiday packages to enjoy the novel architecture of the stunning palaces and forts and the vast expanses of grassland in Kanha National Park.

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