Jungle Safari in Sariska National Park to Discover Natural Majesty

Sariska National Park is where you can experience thrills, witness natural beauty, and learn about its historical significance. You can encounter all these things while enjoying a safari in Sariska National Park. Through a jungle safari in Sariska, you can uncover its rich biodiversity. And, with a high population of tigers and thus a high probability of their sightings, the safari is even more thrilling.

Additionally, several ruins from the 11th-century Garh-Rajor Temple make it a treat for photography enthusiasts. You can enjoy the panoramic view from the hill and see soaring vultures and eagles. In addition, Siliserh Lake and Jai Samand Lake near this park are home to crocodiles, water snakes, and different creatures. In short, enjoying a safari in Sariska is a way to explore a unique dimension and learn and discover wildlife in even more depth. Scroll down to learn more about Jungle Safari in Sariska National Park.

Types of Safari in Sariska National Park

A wildlife safari in Sariska National Park allows you to enjoy the raw beauty of the Jungle. The park offers two modes to enjoy such an experience: Gypsy, which will take you on a jeep safari trip, and Canter, also known as a mini-open van, which offers a canter safari. Both safari types operate in the core area for 3 hours in Sariska National Park in morning and afternoon shifts. Safari allows you to explore all its zones (only zone 4 is accessible from Tehla Gate as the zone is far away from its other zones.) Apart from that, the Sariska Hot Air balloon safari is a unique experience that allows you to enjoy an aerial view of the park. The duration of this Balloon Ride in Sariska National Park is around 40-60 minutes. Check out the information below to get complete details on each safari type.

Jeep Safari In Sariska National Park

Jeep Safari in Sariska National Park is an idyllic way to explore the depth of the Jungle. This safari will take you on a 3-hour journey in the Jungle with an experienced driver and nature guide. A Jeep safari ride lets you explore all four zones of this national park, and you can spot various kinds of wild animals by examining the zones of this park. Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3 are renowned for sightseeing animals. While enjoying the safari, you can get a better outlook on wildlife and animals from the nature guide. Each Jeep allows six people at a time and has two slots – 6:00 am to 10:00 am and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. From capturing pictures of wild animals to admiring the landscapes of this Jungle, a jeep safari is one of the good choices for you to enjoy your trip to Sariska. This Jeep Safari in Sariska National Park is available at two gates, Sariska Alwar & Tehla, and lets you explore Zone-1,2, 3 & 4, which are part of the park’s core zone.

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Why opt for Jeep Safari in Sariska National Park

  • It is a comfortable ride and also allows you to enjoy birdwatching. The seating height of a Jeep gives a better angle for photography.
  • Your jeep can easily explore the Jungle’s depth by venturing into off-road tracks, adding to the fun.
  • The jeep’s engine produces less voice, improving your travel experience and not disturbing the jungle animals.
  • A jeep is a small vehicle with limited seats, and you can easily enjoy wildlife without disturbance.
  • You will get an entry from both points to start your Safari tour in Sariska.

Canter Safari in Sariska National Park

It is another way to enjoy the wilderness of Sariska National Park. You can enjoy this trip in an open van that can accommodate 20 people at one time. Canter safari is a good choice if you plan a large group trip on your wildlife tour. With Canter Safari, you can explore the Sariska zones as well. Also, the chances of spotting the tigers are the same; it is a matter of luck. Go for Canter Safari to explore the Sariska wildlife to the fullest.

The Canter safari in Sariska runs from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. It is better to book in advance as demand is always high, particularly in the peak season.

Why opt for a canter safari in Sariska National Park

  • A canter would be ideal for enjoying a group tour (with more than six people).
  • You can stand up in the canter to observe the endless view of the Jungle and see the deep bush.
  • Canter is advantageous for people who are slightly afraid of this experience.

Hot Air Balloon Safari in Sariska

Get ready to take a thrilling ride over Sariska with a Hot air balloon ride. It is a unique experience that will give you a dose of thrill and let you enjoy the aerial view of this tiger reserve. The hot air balloon safari starts from the Bhangarh Village, located at the outer edge of Sariska. Enjoy this unique safari for around 1 hour and get a breathtaking view of Sariska National Park and the Bhangarh Village area. This safari operates two times: one is in the morning, around 6:00 am, and the second is around 4:00 pm. This Sariska Hot Air balloon safari can take 8 to 11 people at a time and is known as an experimental and offbeat experience at this national park.

Why opt for Hot Air Balloon Safari 

  • It is a unique experience that gives you some cherishable moments with your loved ones.
  • Apart from the wildlife thrill, you can add another element of adventure to this safari.
  • You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset from a height and capture it with your camera.
  • This ride on a hot air balloon will allow you to admire the charm of the Bhangarh region from the top.

Which safari are you going to pick at Sariska National Park?

Sariska National Park has a unique charm you can discover and enjoy during the safari experience. For example, the Jeep Safari and Canter Safari offer similar experiences in observing the park’s flora and fauna. However, a group of more than 6 people must choose a canter. It might be possible that you could not get the second jeep if you separated the group into two parts due to the limited number of jeeps entering the national park. Therefore, a jeep is an ideal way to get a perfect safari experience in safari for less than six people in a group. Apart from that, if you are an experienced fanatic willing to do something out of the box, Sariska Hot Air Balloon Safari is the ideal choice for your Sariska tour.

Safari Booking Process

The forest official manages the Safari booking process for Sariska National Park. You can book for this national park’s core zones and one buffer zone. However, safari booking is based on a first-come, first-served basis, and booking your safari tour for Sariska in advance is better. You can contact us to book your jungle safari in this park. And all you have to do is decide on the date and tell us what you require. We handle all your queries and book your wildlife tour on your behalf as per your traveling preferences. And you can also include sightseeing and other activities that you can enjoy near the national park.

Documents Required to Book Your Safari in Sariska National Park 

  • Passport-size photographs are required to book your registration for a safari in this park.
  • ID proof is mandatory for every tourist entering Sariska National Park, and you must carry the same proof of ID that you will submit for registration.

Things to consider for planning a tour of Sariska National Park 

  • It is recommended to book your safari in advance, especially in peak season, as you will avoid facing last-moment disappointment.
  • Safari timing may change due to climatic conditions and other reasons.
  • Weekends are full of tourists, and booking your hotel in advance is advised to enjoy a hassle-free vacation.
  • You must report at the boarding gate 20 minutes earlier than the scheduled time.


Enjoying a safari experience in Sariska National Park lets you explore the diversity of flora and fauna in its four zones. In addition to wildlife safaris, the unique part about the Sariska tour is that it provides a hot air balloon experience, giving you a different perspective on admiring natural beauty. You can book your wildlife safari tour with us to experience the best of this park in various ways, which you can customize to meet your requirements.

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