Enjoy a Journey Into the Wild with Safari in Pench National Park

The jungle safari in Pench National Park is a delightful experience you can enjoy in multiple ways. Three safaris exploring Pench’s vast ground are jeep, canter, and elephant. In addition, a guide/naturalist accompanies each safari drive to make your wildlife tour more pleasant and knowledgeable.

During your safari trip in Pench, you will discover untamed terrain, unique landscapes, grassland meadows, open yellow fields, and dense forests. Moreover, you can spot various animals, plants, and birds on your wildlife tour in Pench National Park. Major wildlife attractions of this park are jackals, striped hyenas, Indian wolves, leopards, and dholes.

Overall, the safari experience in Pench National Park lets you cover the natural beauty and a heavy dose of wilderness thrill. However, you must know the safari details and what to expect from such an experience. So here are all the elements of a jungle safari tour in this tiger reserve.

Pench National Park is one of the most pristine forests in central India and has earned great admiration from tourists worldwide. In 1894, this national park was also featured in the famous Novel The Jungle Book by famed writer Rudyard Kipling.

This forest opened as a wildlife sanctuary in 1965 and received its two titles, National Park and Tiger Reserve, in 1975 and 1992, respectively. The national park offers experiences you can add to your life through safari tours

Types of Jungle Safari in Pench National Park

A safari is an experience that opens the door to unpredictable wildlife encounters. Through safari, you can closely encounter wild animals, admire the natural beauty, and capture the park’s best sights. You can enjoy jeep, canter, and elephant safari in Pench National Park, and each safari has a unique adventure.

A jeep is considered one of the best ways to explore the park and enjoy photography. A canter is an open-bus vehicle considered a cost-effective way to enjoy wildlife. An elephant safari is only possible with an advance request that the forest department should accept.

But do not worry; we have covered each detail you should know before heading towards the Pench Tiger Reserve for a safari and an unforgettable tour.

Types of Safari in Pench National Park

  • Jeep Safari in Pench National Park
  • Canter Safari in Pench National Park
  • Elephant Safari in Pench National Park

Jeep Safari in Pench National Park

Jeep safaris allow six tourists to participate in a wildlife tour in Pench National Park. The forest department organizes them in two shifts per day. After getting a permit from a forest official, you will embark on a safari.

You will get a professional guide who will help you explore the elements of this national park. The duration of the jeep safari in Pench is around 3- 4 hours, and you will need to reach the gate 15 minutes before the tour. Enjoying thrilling wildlife experiences through open Jeep Safari has many advantages.

What Can You Expect from a Jeep Safari?

  • Pench jeep safari offers an exciting view of wild animals in their surroundings.
  • You will closely enjoy the view of animals and capture them in your camera storage.
  • Enjoying birdwatching in Pench is one of the best things to do, and a jeep is one of the ideal ways to enjoy it.
  • You can enjoy the wildlife tour without being disturbed by the noisy engines.
  • A jeep safari allows you to explore the jungle’s narrow lanes, making your wildlife tour more thrilling.

Canter Safari in Pench National Park

Canter Safari in Pench is an open bus safari that allows you to enjoy the wildlife experience at a low cost. It is planned to accommodate more tourists for jungle safari and make it affordable for wildlife lovers than the jeep.

This type of safari is for walk-in tourists who want to enjoy it but need help booking it. It is a common issue that tourists plan for at the end of the day. So, the forest department designed this type of safari to let them enjoy wildlife.
You can enjoy this safari by visiting early as it is based upon a first come, first serve policy.

Through Canter Safari, you can enter core zones from Turia gate, Karmajhiri gate, and Jhamtara gate in Pench. However, only limited safari vehicles are allowed in the core area of Pench National Park.

To enjoy this safari, you must report to the entry gate around 40 minutes early from the opening with original ID documents. It is better to keep cash to pay your charges instantly to an official person.

What Can You Expect from a Canter Safari?

  • Canter safari helps in tiger sightings because of its height and gives an ultimate safari experience as the height of the canter.
  • You can comfortably enjoy this wildlife tour by sitting or standing through the canter safari in Pench National Park.
  • The canter safari space is more significant, giving you a smooth ride in the jungle.
  • If you are afraid of wildlife, a canter safari is the best option as it makes you feel more secure than a jeep because of its height.
  • If you plan your wildlife tour in a group of more than six people, you can opt for a canter safari, which is economical and ideal for a large group.
  • You can see deep down the park due to its height.

Elephant Safari in Pench National Park

Elephant safari is one of the most fantastic ways to explore the charm of Pench National Park. This safari offers you the best sighting experience by riding on the back of the elephants that inhabit that area of the national park. Elephant rides in this national park are organized in advance upon request by visitors.

This safari will delight you and add fun to your wildlife experience. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the appealing and thrilling view around you. The guided assistant will accompany you through this ride and let you explore the deep jungle where you can spot animals.

What Can You Expect from an Elephant Safari?

  • Elephant ride in Pench is a perfect way to spot species of birds.
  • Some routes are not meant for gypsy and canter, but elephant safari will take you to every corner for deep exploration.
  • The chances of spotting tigers are good, as this ride will take you deep into the jungle.
  • You can enjoy the view from any direction while sitting at such a height.
  • From capturing the birds through the eyes to enjoying natural photography, Elephant Jungle Safari in Pench is an incredible option for a wildlife tour.

Which Type of Safari Would You Like to Choose from Pench National Park?

The adventure of each safari in Pench National Park will multiply your excitement in so many ways. The choice of safari is totally up to your preferences when planning your tour. If budget is not an issue for you and you are a thrill seeker, a Jeep safari is preferable.

Canter safari is a budget-friendly mode for wildlife exploration. Moreover, the elephant safari is ideal for birdwatching and deep exploration. So whether you are looking for an extreme thrill or a comfortable and secure wildlife tour, Pench offers everything.

Apart from these modes of safari, this national park has something more thrilling, such as a Night safari. With this safari, you can take your wildlife tour to the next level. Check out the other types of safari in Pench that you can add to your bucket list for extra fun.

Unique Safari Experiences in Pench National Park 

There are three modes of transport to enjoy a wildlife tour. You can choose various ways to make your vacation more exciting by selecting these safaris in Pench National Park.

  • Night Safari
  • Nature Walk Safari

Night Safari in Pench National Park

Spotting the wild at night is a gripping experience offered in Pench National Park. This safari is also known as Wolf Safari, as wolves are frequently spotted during this safari. Apart from it, you can see jackals, deer, sambar deer, nilgai, and numerous nocturnal birds.

This safari is conducted in the Pench National Park buffer zone, 484 square kilometers. It starts in the evening around 6: 00 pm and lasts until 9: 00 pm, and booking is made directly at the entrance gate. From spotting wildlife to enjoying stargazing, this safari is an excellent choice to add a rip-roaring experience to your tour.

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Nature Walk Safari

A Nature Walk safari in Pench National Park allows one to stroll in the woods while listening to the melodious chirping of food. The private eco-park is spread around 38 acres. Morning and evening walks with a skilled guide are recommended to spot Nilgai, deer, and Leopard.

Safari Tips for Pench National Park 

Enjoying a safari in Pench to observe the wild animals and birds is a lifetime experience. You can live it to the fullest by following the rules and tips for traveling in this forest. Here is the list of travel tips you must check before planning your wildlife tour in this park. 

  • The park is famous for wildlife exploration and receives numerous tourist visits from November to February. Therefore, you are advised to book your safari tour in advance to enjoy a hassle-free vacation.
  • Once an entry permit is issued, it is not refundable and cannot be transferred.
  • Book a morning and evening safari tour to enjoy maximum sightings of animals.
  • It is advisable to avoid bright-colored clothes while enjoying a wildlife safari tour as animals might get scared or agitated.
  • Do not forget to bring a camera, Sunglasses, scarves, hats, and sunscreen.
  • Avoid carrying any gadget that makes a loud noise.
  • Every Wednesday, the park gates are closed for an evening safari.

In Pench National Park, you can enjoy your wildlife tour in multiple ways, including safari, nature walks, and fun activities. Book your tour package with Indian Visit and delve into adventure, natural beauty, and exotic experiences with one trip.

The types of safari and their modes will lead you towards a fantastic wildlife holiday. If you plan to enjoy your first experience of Pench, book a tour with Indian Visit.

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