Encounter Wildlife Wonders with Safari in Kanha National Park

Visiting Kanha Reserve places you in the middle of wild animals’ expansive, beautiful habitat. An experience with all these species is genuinely kind and worthwhile on an elephant and Jeep safari. With a jungle safari, you may get a better view of the exotic animals and record their superb photographs with your cameras. The Madhya Pradesh state’s Maikal Range of Satpuras, which makes up the Central Indian Highlands, is home to Kanha National Park. It’s fascinating to note that the national park is now known as the Tiger Reserve and is being hailed as one of the best wildlife refuges in the world.

Kanha National Park, which spans two revenue districts, Mandala and Kalaghat, was established as a reserve forest in 1879 and reclassified as a wildlife sanctuary in 1933. Then, in 1955, it received another promotion and became a national park. It is 940 square kilometers in size and is located in the Maikal Hills. The total length of the Kanha Tiger Reserve, including the core zone and buffer, is 1945 square kilometers.

The scenery, surrounding rich meadows, woodland trails, and dark maroon forests, provide magnificent sightseeing opportunities for nature lovers. The clear streams that run through the dense jungle purify the area, enhancing the land’s beauty and wildlife. A well-known author, Rudyard Kipling, drew inspiration from this vibrant land for his masterpiece, “The Jungle Book.”

The Kanha National Park is the ideal habitat for many wild animals, including the mighty tigers and the Barasingha, as well as the most common flora, birds, reptiles, and insects. With its well-developed infrastructure created specifically for them, this reserve has captured the interest of many tourists worldwide. The Bammi Dadar, also known as Sunset Point, is the ideal place to be in this area and enjoy yourself the most.

Types of Kanha Jungle Safaris

Different types of safaris in Kanha National Park are:

  • Jeep Safari
  • Elephant Safari
  • Walking Safari
  • Canter Safari

Kanha National Park Jeep Safari

The most robust approach to viewing wildlife in Kanha National Park’s dense, lush green forest is with 4-wheel-drive open Jeep safaris. 04 X 04 open jeeps carrying tourist groups or individuals traveling with a knowledgeable naturalist are permitted into the park at predetermined times in the morning and afternoon. The jeep must travel a predetermined path and exit the park by the end of the designated period.

By taking jeep safaris, numerous well-known wildlife experts and photographers could view and capture images of Kanha National Park’s most prominent cat family member. In addition, the animals aren’t overly disturbed because the Jeeps travel along predetermined routes.

Why opt for Jeep Safari?

  • Jeep safaris provide you with a unique and exciting experience.
  • It takes you through adventurous and uncommon routes where you can observe rare species of flora and fauna.
  • Jeep safaris in India are also a boon for older adults who want to travel anywhere.

Types of Jeep Safari

The most enjoyable approach to determining whether there are rugged landscapes or inaccessible geomorphological topography in India is to go on a jeep safari. There are two kinds of jeep safaris in Kanha National Park.

  • Half-Day Jeep Safari: A half-day jeep safari can be categorized as morning and evening. The morning safaris start around 0600 hours, depending on sunrise, and last about 4.5–5 hours.

After the morning safari, the guest returns to the lodge/resort. You can freshen up, eat a quick lunch, relax, and return to the jungle for your evening safari. The evening safari lasts about 3–3.5 hours, depending on the sunset. After your evening safari, you head back to the lodge for dinner and take the rest of the evening at leisure.

  • Full-Day Jeep Safari: During a full-day safari, your jeep or vehicle enters the park 15-20 minutes before every other safari vehicle. You spend the entire day in the national park, including lunch outside in the untamed forest. After the twilight safari, 15 minutes will have passed before you return to the park.

The best time to go on this kind of safari is in October and November or even at the tail end of February and March. Professional photographers tracking a particular species or documentarians who want to capture a specific family in the national park frequently go on a full-day safari.

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Kanha National Park Elephant Safari

The elephant safari enables visitors to reach parts of the park that are off-limits to Jeeps. Participating in a Tiger Show program is the simplest and most popular way to enjoy an elephant safari. The Tiger Show was created after trackers successfully spotted a tiger on elephants. The Tiger Show is only available during the morning safari. Up to four people are taken up close to tigers during the Tiger Show, and the performance lasts 10 to 15 minutes.

Full-day elephant safaris are pretty expensive and can be enjoyed for a longer time in a day. Full-day elephant-back safaris must be scheduled well in advance, and the Field Director of the National Park must call for formal approval. The booking process for an elephant safari should begin at least 30 days in advance.

Why opt for an Elephant Safari?

  • It effectively displays the breathtaking natural splendor the park is gifted with.
  • The only way to travel across the Kanha National Park’s rugged terrain, muddy valleys, and lush grasslands is by elephant safari.
  • Every time an Elephant Safari is held, it offers a colorful and lively tourist experience.

Kanha National Park Walking Safari

Since travelers typically choose this safari, it is one of the most challenging experiences available. The Walking Safari, or trekking, is often limited to two zones, providing visitors with an adrenaline-pumping experience and a beautiful national park perspective from the steep, rocky terrain.

No matter which Kanha Safari booking option you select, they are available twice daily, in the early morning and the late evening, with each trail providing an unforgettable experience as you proceed along the nature trail.

Why opt for Walking Safari?

  • Discover nature and wildlife from a fresh perspective.
  • Access a wide range of locations beyond those reached by car.
  • Spend the night in a tent next to a campfire.
  • Because walking safaris have fewer open spots, you can experience a more personal safari.

Kanha National Park Canter Safari

Canter Safari is an open bus safari. It is a 12-seater available bus at the Kanha National Park’s jungle safari entrance gates. Similar to jeep safari excursions, you will visit the park in an open bus on this safari. However, there are certain variations between the two safari styles that travelers should be aware of before reserving their safari tickets. In addition, this type of safari can only be booked on the spot. Thus, reservations are not an option.

Why opt for Canter Safari?

  • You have a better chance of getting a ticket on a first-come, first-served basis because Canter safari tickets are not offered online and are only available to passengers who arrive in person.
  • If you are in a small group of 8 to 10 people, a canter safari is the most significant way to enjoy a jungle safari with everyone in the same vehicle.
  • Canter safari is an attractive option for tourists on a tight budget because it is given on a per-person, per-seat basis. Therefore, picking the canter safari option is advisable if there are one, two, or three of you.

So, Which Type of Safari Would You Pick?

The largest national park in Madhya Pradesh is 940 sq. km. Kanha Tiger Reserve. The best way to experience the park’s breathtaking natural splendor and see various wildlife species in their natural settings is on a jungle safari. The Kanha elephant safari promises a hassle-free and secure excursion into the peaceful woods to see wildlife. Moreover, an elephant safari enables visitors to reach parts of the park that are off-limits to jeeps.

Safari Booking Process

Bookings for all safaris—except full-day safaris—can be made via the official website. Essential details like name, age, gender, nationality, and photo ID proof numbers will be required. Aadhar cards, passports, driving licenses, voter IDs, and others are acceptable for Indian citizens. Non-Indians must provide their passport information and country. Safari reservations are required to reserve your seat on safaris. On the day of the safari, all other processes are completed.

Travelers don’t need to worry about booking the safari as Tourism of India will do so on their behalf.

Documents Required for Kanha National Park Online Safari Booking

When completing the online booking procedure for a Kanha National Park Jungle Safari Tour, you will need these documents to appreciate the unusual species there.

  • When filling out the Kanha National Park Jungle Safari Booking online form, you must include all necessary information, including your full name, nationality, age, gender, and mobile number.
  • A valid ID proof associated with the government is also required.
  • If you are a foreign national, you must have a valid passport number to reserve a spot on the Kanha Jungle Safari Tour.

Factors affecting Kanha Jungle Safari booking

Many factors affect Safari bookings, but some of them are


Every traveler needs to assess their preferences and financial capabilities. Every safari has unique requirements and costs. So, the choice is entirely yours. Which safari do you wish to experience at the best price?

Time Constraint

If you believe you don’t have enough time to explore every national park area, choosing a Jeep or Canter Safari will allow you to see more of the Kanha National Park in less time. A hot air balloon would be a better option if you want to experience the park, but an elephant safari is required. Plan your safari accordingly by looking at the time allotted.

Specialty of Each Safari

While on a safari, you will have the adventure of a lifetime as you travel to exotic areas surrounded by incredible wildlife and unique landscapes. There are many compelling reasons to go on a safari. Whether you want to see the Great Migration, get close to wildlife, take your family on a beautiful vacation, or chill in nature, a safari in Kanha National Park will never disappoint you.

Kanha Tiger Reserve is the only place to find the Hard Ground Barasingha, the state animal of Madhya Pradesh. The population of this essential deer species, which was once in danger of going extinct, has increased because of a comprehensive conservation strategy and efficient management techniques implemented in the Tiger Reserve. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your Kanha National Park tour packages with an Indian Visit.

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